Joseph Henrich

Senior Product Line Manager, Coherent

 Joseph Henrich is senior product line manager at Coherent (Santa Clara, CA).

(Courtesy of the Fleming group)
FIGURE 1. A 2D electronic spectrum contains many different types of information.
Lasers & Sources

Ultrafast Lasers: Trends in femtosecond amplifiers—Ti:sapphire vs. ytterbium

Feb. 18, 2020
Ti:sapphire and ytterbium femtosecond amplifier technologies—one mature, the other quite dynamic—currently provide complementary performance, so the optimum choice is really application...

ULTRAFAST TUNABLE LASERS: 2D infrared spectroscopy moves toward mainstream use

July 12, 2013
A unique method to investigate molecular structure and dynamics has become a practical research tool, thanks to the advent of user-friendly, integrated 2D IR spectrometers.