Marco Arrigoni

Director of Marketing, Coherent

Marco Arrigoni is Director of Marketing at Coherent (Santa Clara, CA). 

FIGURE 1. Three-photon excitation uses 3x the wavelength as conventional one-photon absorption. The 1300 nm excitation scheme shown here is for GCaMP6s, a genetically expressed calcium indicator. Recently Chris Xu and colleagues have demonstrated that 1300 nm can also excite longer-wavelength dyes such as Texas Red, a fluorescent dye that can be bonded to antibodies to label specific cellular components.
Bio&Life Sciences

Laser developments support advanced neuroscience techniques

June 21, 2022
Three-photon imaging and two-photon optogenetic stimulation both benefit from the latest laser developments targeted squarely at neuroscience research.
(Courtesy of Morgan Trassin)
FIGURE 1. At ETH Zurich, an Astrella amplifier maintains output stability in spite of its proximity to a deposition chamber that reaches internal temperatures as high as 950°C.
Lasers & Sources

Revisiting the industrial revolution in scientific lasers

Aug. 11, 2020
A look is taken at how the industrial approach to reliability in ultrafast scientific lasers has resulted in research tools that deliver on their promise.
(Courtesy of the Fleming group)
FIGURE 1. A 2D electronic spectrum contains many different types of information.
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Ultrafast Lasers: Trends in femtosecond amplifiers—Ti:sapphire vs. ytterbium

Feb. 18, 2020
Ti:sapphire and ytterbium femtosecond amplifier technologies—one mature, the other quite dynamic—currently provide complementary performance, so the optimum choice is really application...