Jeffrey Bairstow

Contributing Editor

Jeffrey Bairstow is a Contributing Editor for Laser Focus World; he previously served as Group Editorial Director.


IN MY VIEW: From carrier pigeons to satellites

Sept. 11, 2012
As you are no doubt directly aware, these days it is entirely possible to break down a text message or photo into a series of digital characters (known as bits), transmit these...

IN MY VIEW: Now this really is rocket science

Aug. 6, 2012
Here’s a short take on an innovative research program for which several teams of engineers, scientists and astronomers deserve to get an appreciative tip of the hat.

IN MY VIEW: This is not your grandpa’s planetarium

July 6, 2012
So it’s July and the kids are getting restless and the tree-house chatter turns to the so-called “theme parks” that are scattered across the country.