Limin Zhou

Senior Director of Strategic Marketing, MRSI (Mycronic Group)

Dr. Limin Zhou is senior director of strategic marketing at MRSI Systems (Mycronic Group), Tewksbury, MA.

FIGURE 1. A new, low-cost bidirectional optical subassembly (BOSA) uses a single glass-sealed conventional TO-can package and incorporates optical transmitting and receiving functions into a silicon optical bench.
Fiber Optics

Assembly solution addresses TO-can photonic device manufacturing challenges

Aug. 11, 2020
The high-volume, high-mix nature of new TO-can packages for high-speed DCI and 5G wireless network rollouts require ±1~2 µm machine accuracy and flexibility to quickly handle ...
FIGURE 1. New generation optical devices with smaller assembly tolerances require higher-precision die bonder platforms.
Lasers & Sources

Flexible high-volume die bonding solution targets modern photonics manufacturing

July 14, 2020
The high-volume, high-mix nature of optical components for 5G wireless and 400G+ datacenter and backbone network applications require flexible die-bonder platforms able to demonstrate...
FIGURE 1. During experimental testing, the MRSI-H-LD die bonder achieves a placement repeatability in the X and Y directions of less than 1 μm and 0.5 μm (@3σ), respectively.
Lasers & Sources

High-power Laser Diodes: Die-bonder innovations target HPLD manufacturing challenges

Feb. 18, 2020
A die bonder for packaging high-power laser diodes provides flexibility for both chip and bar on submount without changeover.