Richard Gaughan

Contributing Writer, BioOptics World

Richard Gaughan is the Owner of Mountain Optical Systems and a contributing writer for BioOptics World.

Clinical diagnoses of skin lesions can be aided by acquiring co-registered imaging information. This image shows the skin of a patient with a delayed reaction to a tattoo, with Raman spectroscopy identifying normal epidermis, inflammatory cells, and tattoo ink with respect to a detailed LC-OCT tissue map.
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OCT, Raman combo enhances dermatology diagnoses

April 12, 2022
A combination of morphological cellular-scale imaging, color surface imaging, and point molecular analysis opens the door to 3D optical histology for all types of skin lesions...
A new photonic integrated circuit uses an inexpensive diode laser to pump an on-chip single-mode laser through a silicon nitride waveguide interferometer. With one leg of the interferometer biofunctionalized, the device becomes a rapid and accurate biosensor.
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Optically pumped single-mode laser enables integrated device biosensor

March 11, 2022
A research team has incorporated a single-mode organic solid-state laser into an integrated photonic/microfluidic device.
A new chromatic confocal microscope images stomach tissue to a depth of about 200 µm with no mechanical depth scanning. The images of excised normal (left) and cancerous (right) human stomach tissue show clear differences, motivating continued development to make the probe suitable for endomicroscopy.
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Chromatic aberration aids in-depth imaging of biological tissue

Feb. 15, 2022
Researchers create 3D images of biological tissue to depths of greater than 200 µm with a lateral resolution of 2.3 µm—filling the gap between optical coherence tomography and...