Bivar releases vibration-resistant LED assembly

Feb. 25, 2010
The new PM5-3 Series is a three-lead common cathode, bicolor, 5 mm panel-mount LED assembly.

The new PM5-3 Series is a three-lead common cathode, bicolor, 5 mm panel-mount LED assembly. Features include multicolor status indicator and multiple configuration choices that include stripped wires and 0.100-in. pitch three-pin connector. They are available in 0.16 in. protrusion and recessed versions. The vibration-resistant series is available with unlimited wire lengths.
Irvine, CA
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New Solution Features Adjustable Color Capabilities for LED Indication in Commercial and Industrial Machinery

IRVINE, Calif.– Bivar, a leading specialty provider of LED indication products and solutions, today announced the PM5-3 Series, a 3 lead common cathode, bi-color 5mm panel mount LED assembly. The first in a line of bi-color LED assemblies, the new PM5-3 series extends Bivar’s existing panel mount assembly product line and features input driven color adjustment capabilities to address the growing demand for enhanced LED indication in a wide variety of commercial and industrial machinery.

Panel mount LED assemblies are used in a variety of products that range from rugged computers, power supplies and data storage devices to large manufacturing machinery and even gas pumps. A key component to these products is how they communicate with humans. Today, this machine to human interface is accomplished through LED indication and many manufacturers want it to be more intelligent. “LED indication is one of the most interesting application areas benefitting from recent LED advancements,” said Mike Finn, Bivar vice president of sales and marketing. “LEDs are traditionally used in large manufacturing and industrial machinery to communicate ‘on’ and ‘off’ status. But manufacturers are building in more options for communication – ‘standby,’ ‘system running’ and a variety of system status messages are now available, each requiring a different color. Our new bi-color panel mount assembly gives engineers the option to design multi-signal displays and our color adjustment capabilities offer distinctive color combinations that reflect the uniqueness of their products.”

In addition to multi-color status indicator, the new PM5-3 Series also offers multiple configuration choices that include stripped wires and 0.100” pitch 3-pin connector. The new series is available in 0.16” protrusion and recessed versions, giving engineers design options for how the LED will appear in an end-product application. The new series is available with unlimited wire lengths (even greater than 48” if necessary), is vibration resistant and easy to install.

Additional features include:
· White diffused lens appearance offering wide viewing angle and uniform indication;

· Industrial panel mount package fits 0.047" or thicker panels with 0.250" mounting holes;

· 94V-0 rated engineering plastic holder;

· RoHS compliant.

The new PM5-3 series from Bivar is immediately available. For more information please visit For application assistance and samples, please contact Bivar Sales at [email protected].

About Bivar

Bivar is a leading specialty provider of LED indication products and solutions with a long-standing history of more than 40 years of innovation in the optoelectronics industry. With a global base of customers in 35 countries, Bivar’s products are designed to meet the increased demand for point-to-point indication and address a growing range of industrial markets and applications. Bivar’s focus is on moving and positioning light. An employee-owned company, Bivar’s corporate headquarters are located in Southern California, with manufacturing in California, China and Taiwan. Bivar’s Asia Pacific production and logistics centers offer scalable capacity, execution, control and movement of product around the world. Bivar is widely supported by a highly qualified network of authorized representatives and distributors. For more information, please visit

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