Oclaro filter line has coatings for 350 to 2000 nm wavelengths

July 16, 2010
The Clarity line of filters allows the combination of multiple laser beams to deliver kilowatt levels of laser power for materials processing.

The Clarity line of filters allows the combination of multiple laser beams to deliver kilowatt levels of laser power for materials processing. The thin-film filters are made through high-energy reactive magnetron sputtering and can have coatings for wavelengths from 350 to 2000 nm.
San Jose, CA



Expanded Line of Filters Delivers a Higher Level of Durability, Reliability and Scalability for Fiber Pump and Direct Diode Laser Systems

SAN JOSE, Calif., Jan. 19 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Oclaro, Inc. (Nasdaq: OCLR), a leading provider of optical components for industrial applications, today announced an expanded line of Clarity filters that brings its successful filter technology from the telecom and life sciences markets into the industrial laser market. By combining multiple beams, the expanded Clarity line of filters delivers the increased power required for kW levels lasers used in material processing applications and also provides significant synergies when used with Oclaro widely-deployed laser diodes. The filters will be showcased later this month in the Oclaro booth at Photonics West in San Francisco, Calif.

"Oclaro has been able to apply its thin film technology to industrial applications that require high-power and high-performance combined with the reliability and durability that has become a trademark of our Clarity filter product line," said Yves Le Maitre, Executive Vice President and Division Manager at Oclaro. "Our expanded Clarity line of filters delivers exceptional high-power beam combining capabilities for laser systems manufacturers worldwide and also provides a higher level of integration, compatibility, and ease-of-use when used with our laser diodes."

Oclaro filters deliver a powerful solution for a wide variety of materials processing applications such as fiber pump and direct diode laser systems. These filters have been developed in conjunction with the company's high-power laser diode products produced in Zurich, Switzerland and Tucson, Ariz. This synergistic combination provides customers with one of the highest levels of compatibility, integration and ease-of-use when using both our laser diodes and filters as a complete platform.

Oclaro Clarity filters take advantage of the proprietary high-energy reactive magnetron sputter technology known as AED (Advanced Energetic Deposition) to produce highly reliable hard coated filters. Oclaro is able to deliver filters for both wavelength combining and beam combining applications that are able to address a wide wavelength range through coating capabilities that extend from 350 nm to 2000 nm. In addition, factory automation enables repeatability and large-volume yields for providing the best value to Oclaro customers.

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