DuPont makes strategic investment in ANDevices

June 1, 2006
WILMINGTON, MA-Integrated optical components provider DuPont Photonics Technologies has made a strategic investment in ANDevices (Fremont, CA), a supplier of planar lightwave circuit (PLC) devices.

WILMINGTON, MA-Integrated optical components provider DuPont Photonics Technologies has made a strategic investment in ANDevices (Fremont, CA), a supplier of planar lightwave circuit (PLC) devices.

“Our collaboration, enhanced by the investment, brings together the best polymer-based PLC technology with the best silica-based PLC technology,” said Marcelo van de Kamp, general manager of DuPont Photonics. “We are well-positioned to meet customer demand for next generation optical modules using the design and production capabilities of DuPont Photonics and ANDevices.”

DuPont Photonics has been selling 8- to 48-channel variable optical attenuator (VOA) arrays and cross-connect switches that are based on proprietary polymer PLC technology. The company also has integrated VOAs with 1x2 optical switches to make what it claims is a cost-effective, low-loss, low-power-consumption iSELECT component. The iSELECT, together with ANDevices arrayed waveguide gratings, are at the heart of DuPont’s newly developed iROAD 4000 module, which saw its debut at OFC 2006.

“A combination of technologies will prove to be a winner in the eyes of our customers,” said Fang Wang, global sales director of DuPont Photonics. “Customers of optical modules will benefit from the ideal combination of performance and value delivered from our PLC solution with products like the iROADTM 4000.”

The cooperation between the two companies also extends to the marketplace where ANDevices and DuPont will represent each other’s products in specific markets.

“Our products are complimentary and will allow each of us to serve our customers in a better way,” said Jacob Sun, CEO and president of ANDevices. “The additional investment will enable ANDevicesto increase production capacity and more effectively address growing demand from our customers.”

Earlier this year, ANDevices announced that it was gearing up for growing product demand. According to Sun, the company has formed close strategic relationships with tier-1 system and sub-system vendors to provide critical components for long-haul, metro and local access markets, plus formed an alliance with a contract manufacturing partner in Asia to capture the demand growth. In addition, the company has expanded its communication product line to include AWGs up to 80 channels with densities as fine as 25 GHz, colorless AWG devices, VOA integrated Multiplexers up to 40 channels, and tap/monitoring products including integrated photodiode arrays.

In addition to the communications market, ANDevices anticipates growth in the aerospace, instrumentation, material processing, bio-sensor and consumer electronics sectors.

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