Arasor expands portfolio with Alfalight, AOFR

Arasor has signed definitive agreements to purchase Alfalight (Madison, WI) and AOFR(Canberra, Australia) for US $63 million total.

MOUNTAIN VIEW,CA—Arasor has signed definitive agreements to purchase Alfalight (Madison, WI) and AOFR(Canberra, Australia) for US $63 million total.According to Arasor, these acquisitions give Arasor the three key elements common to all its products: optical chip, laser chip and optical coupler. Both companies bring with them blue chip customers, including Telstra, Avanex, Siemens, and a variety of tier 1 telecom companies, according to Arasor chief executive Simon Cao.

“With these acquisitions, Arasor has brought the critical laser element in-house, enabling improved profitability and control of future laser developments in Arasor’s emerging markets,”Cao said.“We now control the three key elements common to all our products (optical chip,laser chip and coupler), and bring significant revenue opportunities to bear in addition to their existing $20 million per annum revenue streams. We are very excited about the prospect of expanding our product offering to include laser components for the telecom market.”

Founded in 1998, Alfalight is a designer and manufacturer of high-power diode lasers for the telecommunications market. Alfalight has received over $57 million of venture funding, and substantial US government funding of R&D. Their assets include a state-of -the-art InGaAs FAB in which they grow their laser chips.MohanWarrior, CEO of Alfalight will continue to run the laser company as a wholly owned subsidiary of Arasor. He brings 23 years of semiconductor and photonics experience to the Arasor team. Prior to leading Alfalight’s growth and profitability over the last four years, he held senior leadership positions at Motorola Semiconductors(now Freescale) including managing globally distributed operations of 4000 employees shipping $4B product annually.

“I am excited by the growth prospects that Arasor brings, particularly in the emerging Asian markets of China and India,”Warrior said.“Arasor’s unique optical chip technology will dramatically enhance our proprietary laser capabilities to create a diverse range of differentiated telecom & consumer optical products.”

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