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Laser Focus World's bimonthly newsletter, Optoelectronics Report, has been tracking and analyzing the business of photonics for more than a quarter-century.

Laser Focus World's bimonthly newsletter, Optoelectronics Report, has been tracking and analyzing the business of photonics for more than a quarter-century. Now, recent enhancements to the Laser Focus World website have made possible the creation of an online Photonics Business Center that carries content similar to that of Optoelectronics Report but with a much faster turnaround. New features include real-time stock quotes, blogs, and regular industry news updates.

The Laser Focus World website has been totally redesigned and relaunched on a new platform that combines the resources of Laser Focus World with three "companion" brands: Vision Systems Design, Industrial Laser Solutions, and BioOptics World. The combined site delivers a wealth of new content to our existing audience while attracting new users with more-diverse photonics coverage combined with additional functionality such as an online photonics community, improved Buyers Guide, and enhanced search capabilities.

You will immediately notice that the drop-down menu underneath the "Photonics Technologies & Applications" main banner on our home page organizes the new website by Applications & Markets and Technology & Products. Each of these segments is further subdivided into specialized topic centers that include a full range of breaking news and feature articles. And the search engine on the site pulls information from Laser Focus World and its companion brands, offering a much broader base of information than Laser Focus World could provide on its own.

As a result of these changes, publication of Optoelectronics Report will cease in March. The final issue will be published March 15, 2010. Current subscribers will receive a pro-rated subscription refund, if appropriate.

PennWell and the editors and staff of Optoelectronics Report would like to thank our subscribers and sponsors for their loyal support over the many years of publication. We hope you will continue to enjoy our business coverage by making frequent visits to the new Laser Focus World Business Center at

--Steve Anderson and
Gail Overton

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