Bordeaux prepares again for Invest in Photonics

Oct. 15, 2009
BORDEAUX, FRANCE--The first Invest in Photonics ( event held in Bordeaux, France in December 2008 was so successful that organizers will hold the event again in 2010 on March 18–19 (see

BORDEAUX, FRANCE--The first Invest in Photonics ( event held in Bordeaux, France in December 2008 was so successful that organizers will hold the event again in 2010 on March 18–19 (see Designed to facilitate the meeting of development-funding-seeking small and medium enterprises, investors, and industrialists, more than 100 of the world’s leading photonics specialists reviewed 50 international applications for funding at the 2008 event, with 16 selected projects that represented a total potential investment of nearly $129 million dollars. Of these 16 projects, 30% were received from outside France, with applications from Canada, Poland, and Austria.

Again initiated by the Bordeaux Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the CEA (French Atomic Energy Commission), and ALPhA Route des Lasers, Invest in Photonics 2010 will again be held at the Regent Grand Hotel Bordeaux. And like 2008, the agenda will be arranged around keynote presentations and three types of presentation sessions. Business Time gives SMEs a chance to gain investors over 10-minute “speed meetings.” Any interest stemming from these presentations will materialize during one-to-one appointments: contacts will be made, projects will be studied in depth, “international meetings” will be held. Photonics players and support services will get together in support of the project. Market Time will be a chance to find out about market trends through conferences and round tables bringing together the best experts. They will enable participants to anticipate economic, institutional, and technological changes. Innovation Time will facilitate meetings and the presentation of know-how through photonics-related technological workshops and company on-site visits.

The 2010 agenda includes an opening presentation on “New Opportunities in Photonics” from Tom Baer of Stanford Photonics Research Center and president of the OSA. Among the key speakers, Michael Lebby of the OIDA will talk about Green Photonics, and Steve Anderson of Laser Focus World will speak on “The Photonics Market.” The Investment Roundtable features presentations from Wheb Ventures (Germany), AGF Private Equity (France), and INSEAD and Telesoft Partners (U.S.). Other presentation areas include opportunities in the solar industry, intelligent lighting, materials processing, telecom and FTTH challenges, biophotonics, and defense and security, with some speakers to be announced. For more information or to be a partner, contact vice chairman of Invest in Photonics 2010 Thierry Thevenin at [email protected].

--Gail Overton

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