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March 15, 2009
OLED forecast: While mature segments of the display and electronic industries have experienced declines due to the economic downturn, active-matrix organic light-emitting diodes (AMOLEDs) have emerged as a diamond in the rough, experiencing an impressive 110% revenue increase in 2008.

OLED forecast: While mature segments of the display and electronic industries have experienced declines due to the economic downturn, active-matrix organic light-emitting diodes (AMOLEDs) have emerged as a diamond in the rough, experiencing an impressive 110% revenue increase in 2008. DisplaySearch (Austin, TX) shared these findings in a webinar to update clients on the state of OLEDs. The company also reported that OLED display revenues will exceed $6 billion in 2015, up from $591 million in 2008, and that OLED lighting revenues are expected to surpass passive-matrix OLED (PMOLED) displays in 2014. OLED displays accounted for < 1% of total flat-panel display revenue in 2008.

Photovoltaic forecast: 2009 global photovoltaic (PV) power generation installation is forecasted to be lower than last year. According to Displaybank (San Jose, CA), a market research company focused on the PV and display industry, expected PV power generation installation for 2009 is at 5.2 GW, a 6% decrease compared to 5.5 GW in 2008. Displaybank says the reason is the global economic recession. Spain, a country that led the market with 2.3 GW in installation during 2008, is expected to show only 0.4 GW in installations for 2009. Meanwhile, countries including Germany, the U.S., Italy, and Japan are expected to have increased installations. Displaybank forecasts that PV power generation installations will turn to positive growth in 2010, which will show a 45% growth over 2009.

Active optical cables forecast: The first report on the active optical cables (AOC) market has been released by Information Gatekeepers (IGI; Brighton, MA), called Active Optical Cables Market Report 2009. The report includes fifteen separate market segment forecasts, covering four platform types, four bus standards, and five platform categories. According to the report, cumulative cable revenue is expected to exceed $8.9 billion (U.S.) from 2009 through 2013 just for the application segments included in this report. Single-year revenue is expected to grow from the present-year level of < $100 million to over $1.3 billion in 2010, then up to over $2.4 billion by 2013.

Pump laser forecast: “The regulations passed by the various European governments are the largest driver for the use of energy-efficient pumps,” says Syed Tauseef Ahmad, Research Analyst from Frost & Sullivan Industrial Automation and Process Control group, in his report Government Incentives Driving the Energy-Efficient Pump Market in Europe. “The regulatory bodies in these countries have come up with regulations and mandates that require industries and residential and commercial buildings to optimise their energy usage. With approximately one-third of all installed pumps being energy-efficient, Europe is a huge market for energy-efficient pumps. The most significant growth is found in the larger markets of France, Norway, Finland, Italy and Austria, while the markets in Germany and Switzerland are consolidating.”

Green photonics guide: The Optical Society (OSA; Washington, DC) launched its online products database, the Green Photonics Guide (, which contains a directory of environmentally friendly optics and photonics products and services spanning all aspects of the industry, from fiber optics and components to sensors and laser accessories. It gives buyers an easy-to-use portal designed specifically for optics and photonics professionals who are interested in purchasing products and services that are environmentally sustainable, and works by continually indexing the content of participating supplier Web sites, allowing targeted searches for thousands of industry-related products and services using either a user-defined keyword or an alphabetized category search.

Green Photonics market data: The Optoelectronics Industry Development Association (OIDA; Washington, DC) released new global optoelectronics market data for components and the green photonics share of the market. OIDA estimates that the global optoelectronics market for 2008 was $356 billion, with the green photonics share of that market 8.1% or $28.9 billion.

While the 2009–2020 compound annual growth rate (CAGR) for global optoelectronics is forecast to be 3.1%, the green photonics share is forecast to be a very encouraging 19.6%. These growth rates translate into $493 billion in revenue for optoelectronic components by 2020, of which $261 billion or 53% is the green photonics market share.

Laser probe tip cleaner selected: Electro Scientific Industries (ESI; Portland, OR), a provider of photonic and laser systems for microengineering applications, announced that its LaserMill system was implemented as the process tool of choice for probe tip cleaning by Cascade Microtech (Beaverton, OR and Tokyo, Japan), a provider of wafer probing solutions. Jamey Eriksen, probes manufacturing engineering manager at Cascade Microtech, said, “After researching all the currently available techniques, Cascade has chosen to adopt ESI’s laser-based solution as the fastest, most reliable and lowest cost-of-ownership probe tip cleaning process in the manufacturing of our advanced probe cards. We look forward to furthering our relationship with ESI and to developing next-generation technologies that continue to expand our market leadership.”

Nanomaterial growth tool ordered: The Georgia Institute of Technology (Atlanta, GA) ordered a nanomaterial growth tool from Surrey NanoSystems (Newhaven, England). The NanoGrowth 1000n equipment incorporates a low-temperature growth module that allows precision carbon nanotubes and related nanomaterials to be grown repeatably at much lower temperatures than normal--down to 350°C initially and potentially even lower. The capability will help researchers to explore growth on a wide range of target substrates from active silicon devices to flexible polymer substrates.

Georgia Tech chose Surrey NanoSystems’ tool primarily for its low-temperature capability and its ability to grow material across large substrate areas of up to 4 inches (100 mm).

Display Week collaboration: SID ( and DisplaySearch are collaborating on this year’s Business Conference, which will be held during the 47th annual SID International Symposium, Seminar and Exhibition, dubbed Display Week 2009, in San Antonio, TX. The Business Conference will be held on Monday, June 1 and will feature presentations from top executives of leading companies throughout the display supply chain about the challenges and opportunities afforded with the commercialization of display technologies. Currently, company executives are being solicited to speak on the unique strategies for optimizing success within the display industry. For information, contact Paul Semenza at [email protected].

Semiconductor laser award: Yasuhiko Arakawa, Kam Yin Lau, and Kerry John Vahala will be honored by the IEEE (Piscataway, NJ) at OFC/NFOEC with the 2009 David Sarnoff Award. The award, sponsored by the Sarnoff Corporation, recognizes Arakawa, Lau and Vahala for seminal contributions to improved dynamics of quantum well semiconductor lasers. IEEE Fellow Arakawa is a professor at the Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology at the University of Tokyo. IEEE Fellow Lau is a Professor Emeritus at the University of California, Berkeley. And IEEE senior member Vahala is currently the Ted and Ginger Jenkins Professor of Information Science and Technology and professor of applied physics at the California Institute of Technology.

People in the news: Aesthetic laser manufacturer Cutera (Brisbane, CA) appointed Scott Davenport as VP of research and development. He has more than 25 years of laser and light experience, and played a key role in each of Cutera’s product releases over the last several years.

The board of LINOS AG appointed Markus Ehbrecht to be managing director, sales/marketing and development, of LINOS Photonics (Göttingen, Germany). Ehbrecht has been at LINOS since 2006, starting as head of the Photonic Industries business unit. Prior to LINOS, he spent eight years with the Agfa Group in project management.

Optical components manufacturer Edmund Optics (EO; Barrington, NJ) announced that Gregory Hollows was elected to a two-year term on the board of directors for the Automated Imaging Association (AIA;; Ann Arbor, MI). The AIA comprises some 300 companies across the Americas that provide products and services related to machine-vision systems. Hollows is an 11-year veteran at EO, working his way from application engineer through engineering management to his present position as director of machine-vision solutions.

Adi Dar will become general manager of Elbit Systems Electro-Optics (Elop; Haifa, Israel). Dar has served as Elop’s VP for business development since 2006. Previously, he served in a number of management positions in Elbit Systems, which he joined in 2002.

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