Ultrafast fiber lasers by Toptica Photonics

Feb. 2, 2012
The FemtoFiber smart ultrafast fiber lasers from Toptica Photonics cover wavelengths from 780 to 1560 nm for applications such as terahertz generation with InGaAs antennae, nonlinear microscopy or microlithography, and seeding high-power amplifiers.

The FemtoFiber smart ultrafast fiber lasers from Toptica Photonics (Graefelfing, Germany) cover wavelengths from 780 to 1560 nm for applications such as terahertz generation with InGaAs antennae, nonlinear microscopy or microlithography, and seeding high-power amplifiers. Output powers range from >0.5 to 100 mW, with 20–100 MHz repetition rates. Also, the FemtoFiber pro family provides less than 40 fs and more than 180 mW at 1570 nm for high-bandwidth terahertz generation.

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TOPTICA at Photonics West

Smart ultrafast fiber lasers and a CHARMing technology

TOPTICA presents the latest developments in diode and ultrafast fiber lasers for biophotonics, industrial measurement and quantum optics at BiOS/Photonics West. Visit our booth to see live applications in advanced system solutions implemented with selected partners.

New family of smart ultrafast fiber lasers
The FemtoFiber smart family of ultrafast fiber lasers focuses on specific OEM integration requirements. Compact and attractively priced, these hands-off systems provide dedicated solutions for different applications. The FemtoFErb 1560 is the ideal choice for THz generation with InGaAs antennae, the FemtoFErb 780 is perfectly suited for non-linear microscopy or micro-lithography and the PicoFYb/FemtoFYb 1030 are specifically designed for seeding high power amplifiers – to name just a few examples.

We have also expanded the well-established FemtoFiber pro family for high-end ultrafast applications: The new FemtoFiber pro IRS reigns as a power and pulse width champion with less than 40 fs and more than 180 mW at 1570 nm, providing perfect parameters for high-bandwidth THz generation.

The new ultrafast fiber lasers will demonstrate their performance in both biophotonic and THz applications in live product displays together with our partners Biophotonic Solutions, Inc and Zomega Corporation.

CHARMing diode laser technology

The BlueMode is TOPTICA’s answer to the search for the “blue HeNe laser.” The high-coherence diode laser provides 50 mW continuous-wave output power at 405 nm (TEM00) and a coherence length of more than 25 meters! TOPTICA’s proprietary CHARM technology, a “world’s first” technique for active coherence control, guarantees continuous single-frequency operation and excellent lasing wavelength stability and output power. The BlueMode is available in multiple versions: 405, 445, 488 nm (BlueMode), 515 nm (GreenMode) and 637, 685 nm (RedMode), a perfect tool for interferometry, quantum cryptography and industrial inspection/metrology.

COOL technology for the iChrome MLE

After a successful product release at the Photonics West 2011, TOPTICA’s multi-laser engine iChrome MLE demonstrates new features: an auto-calibration function and high speed, high dynamic range pulse modulation. Take our quiz at the show – don´t miss your chance to win a pico laser pro-jector by correctly adjusting a set of colors!

TOPTICA’s OEM diode laser iBeam smart boasts record output powers since we ramped up the power again. It now provides up to 250 mW at 405 nm, 100 mW at 473 nm and 150 mW at 488 nm. Of course, all of TOPTICA’s OEM diode lasers are equipped with the unique SKILL function reducing speckle patterns in imaging applications.

Coolest place at Photonics West (300µK)
See a cloud of cold rubidium atoms with your own eyes! In cooperation with ColdQuanta, we are displaying a live-running magneto-optical trap (MOT) at our booth. We trap Rubidium atoms in the compact MiniMOT™ setup and a TA pro 780 cools them to only ~300 µK.

Further highlights include the power expansion of the TA pro to up to 3 Watt. HighFinesse wavelength meters complement the display of scientific diode lasers.

See our products live at booth 8717 (BiOS, Jan 21st and 22nd) and booth 717 (Photonics West, Jan 24th – 26th).

TOPTICA Photonics AG develops, manufactures, services and distributes technology-leading diode and fiber lasers and laser systems for scientific and industrial applications. Sales and service are offered worldwide through TOPTICA Germany and its subsidiary TOPTICA USA, as well as all through 14 distributors. A key point of the company philosophy is the close cooperation between devel-opment and research to meet our customers’ demanding requirements for sophisticated customized system solutions and their sub-sequent commercialization.


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