sCMOS microscope camera by Leica Microsystems

April 12, 2016
The Leica DFC9000 monochrome microscope camera has a highly sensitive third-generation sCMOS sensor.

The Leica DFC9000 monochrome microscope camera from Leica Microsystems (Wetzlar, Germany) has a highly sensitive third-generation sCMOS sensor, enabling live-cell imaging under near-native conditions to better understand cellular processes and dynamics. The sCMOS sensor has high quantum efficiency over the entire spectrum of light, which provides a high signal-to-noise ratio to securely detect faint signals. The camera's high sensitivity eliminates the need to monitor green fluorescent protein (GFP)-overexpressing specimens and protects cells from phototoxicity. It acquires full-frame images at a standard rate of 50 frames/s in the USB 3.0 interface version and 90 frames/s with the Camera Link interface version.

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