Green interference bandpass filters for bioanalysis by Midwest Optical Systems

July 7, 2016
The Bi520 green interference bandpass filters have uses in bioanalytical applications employing 520 nm green laser diodes or green LED light sources.

The Bi520 green interference bandpass filters from Midwest Optical Systems (Palatine, IL) have uses in bioanalytical applications employing 520 nm green laser diodes or green LED light sources. Various popularly used fluorophores (such as GFP, GelStar, and SYBER Green, among others) have emission maximas at or very near 520 nm, and the filters can be used to effectively block excitation sources and interfering longer and shorter wavelength light while letting this light pass through to the camera's sensor. Specifications include a useful 515-525 nm wavelength range, tolerance ±5 nm, ≥88% peak transmission, and 40/20 surface quality.

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