AdValue Photonics wins American Ceramic Society award for rare-earth-doped silicate optical fibers

The award acknowledges AdValue's ability to control glass composition, doping concentration, and physical fiber parameters.

Fiber laser manufacturer AdValue Photonics (Tucson, AZ) has been selected by the American Ceramic Society (ACerS; Westerville, OH) as the winner of its 2018 Corporate Technical Achievement Award for the company's highly rare-earth doped silicate glass fibers. The award recognizes the development of this technology and its application in making innovative fiber lasers by AdValue Photonics.

This AcerS award "recognizes a single outstanding technical achievement made by an ACerS corporate member in the field of ceramics. The achievement must show significant technical merit and represent a gain to society through commercialization of the technology within the preceding eight years." Past winners of this award include Corning for its "Gorilla Glass," GE for its "Gemstone [trademark] Ceramic Scintillator" (enabling a CT imaging system), SCHOTT for its "Manufacture of laser glass by continuous melting," and Lucent for its "10 Gb/s lithium niobate modulator," to name just a few.

At the heart of the AdValue Photonics' technology of Highly Rare-Earth Doped Silicate Glass Fibers is the company's capability to design and control the glass composition, doping concentration, and the fibers' mechanical and geometrical properties to optimize laser performance. By using higher doping concentrations and shorter fiber lengths, AdValue can minimize nonlinearities to obtain higher pulse energies and higher peak powers than otherwise achievable with commercial off-the-shelf laser fibers.

AdValue Photonics manufactures fiber lasers for materials processing, scientific, lidar, and medical markets. Founded in 2007, the company leverages its capabilities in specialty glasses and fibers to optimize the performance and reliability of its fiber lasers. Its mission is to provide the most innovative and reliable laser products to its customers that "Add Value" to their businesses and markets.

SOURCE: AdValue Photonics;

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