LightPath to design fiber delivery systems for autonomous vehicles with OLE

LightPath Technologies signed a joint development agreement with OLE-Systems for optical fiber delivery technology.

Optical and infrared components and assemblies manufacturer LightPath Technologies (Orlando, FL; NASDAQ: LPTH) signed a joint development agreement with Hangzhou (Changzhou) OLE-Systems Laser Technology, a subsidiary of GreatStar Group (OLE), to design and manufacture an optical system assembly based on LightPath's proprietary high-power optical fiber delivery technology.

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LightPath's President and CEO Jim Gaynor said, "We have a long history as a supplier to OLE and are very excited to now have this opportunity to partner on a development basis. The goal of our new project is to develop a low-cost, high-quality Laser Diode to Fiber Coupling System with 16 multimode fiber arrangements. This product is based on technology LightPath developed and improved upon over the past 15 years, and we believe that no one in the world can rival today. Our work with OLE will result in the development of a fiber delivery system for production level position mapping for mission critical applications such as for use with autonomous vehicle instrumentation where accuracy and calibration are of paramount concern. We expect this to be the first of many collaborations between the two companies."

"The expertise of OLE is in the development of laser sensors. For the last few years, we have seen that the market demand of laser distance sensing had been increasing rapidly; however, the quality and price of the existing products cannot meet the application requirements. OLE's latest laser distance sensor demonstrates innovative design aimed at improving sensor performance and quality while reducing cost. LightPath's unique capabilities and products can definitely help us to achieve our goals,” said Ou Zhang, OLE's CEO.

OLE is one of the subsidiaries of GreatStar Industry hand tool company in Asia with $2.05 billion revenue in 2016. OLE's business focus is to develop and manufacture sensors for a variety of applications such as automatic control, autonomous vehicle and autonomous robots, and provides comprehensive solutions for those application utilizing OLE’s products and resources from other subsidiaries of GreatStar.

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