Nufern acquires Optelecom's Electro Optics business

April 16, 2010
East Granby, CT--Nufern, a subsidiary of ROFIN-SINAR Technologies, acquired the Electro Optics fiber-optic gyroscope coil winding business of Optelecom-NKF.

East Granby, CT--Nufern, a subsidiary of ROFIN-SINAR Technologies (Plymouth, MI and Hamburg, Germany) and a developer and manufacturer of specialty optical fibers, fiber lasers and amplifiers, and fiber-laser components, acquired the Electro Optics fiber-optic gyroscope coil winding business of Optelecom-NKF (Germantown, MD) and will operate it as part of Nufern.

The Optelecom Electro Optics business and its group of experienced employees make high-precision fiber-optic gyroscope coils as well as numerous telecom, payoff, and instrumentation type dry and wet wound cored and coreless coils.

The Optelecom Electro Optics business will be operated by Nufern initially from the existing facilities in Germantown, MD and will be expanded to include coil manufacturing from Nufern’s facility in East Granby, CT. Throughout this transition, Nufern will provide gyroscope and other fiber coils to both existing and future customers. In keeping with the Rofin philosophy, Nufern will continue to supply all of its products and services to customers and competitors alike.

"This is an important acquisition for Nufern, not only because we are adding new products to our portfolio but also because we are further strengthening our technology base and enhancing the vertical integration needed to economically manufacture all of our fiber based products," said Martin Seifert, president of Nufern. "We are confident that the talents and skills of Optelecom Electro Optics will contribute to the current and future success of Nufern and the Rofin Group."

Nufern’s product lines range from space-based spectrometer fibers, industrial lasers at tens of watts, amplifiers for ultracold and atom trapping, medical lasers, up to the kilowatt class ultra-narrow linewidth LIDAR, and directed-energy lasers. Nufern has approximately 80 employees and markets its products globally to a large OEM-customer base through its own sales network, distributors, integrators and the internet.

--Posted by Gail Overton; [email protected];

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