PURAVIS fibers improve white-light transmission, chemical stability for medical & industrial applications

Feb. 2, 2012
Elmsford, NY--SCHOTT launched PURAVIS high-purity glass optical fibers that offer improved white-light transmission, lower color shift, higher chemical stability, and lead-free manufacturing.

Elmsford, NY--SCHOTT North America announced that SCHOTT AG (Mainz, Germany) launched PURAVIS high-purity glass optical fibers for illumination applications. Among other attributes, PURAVIS fibers offer improved transmission of white light--an increase of up to 10% achieved by using well-selected raw materials. The lower color shift of these optical fibers allows illuminated objects to retain their natural color, even if the fibers are used in long light guides, making PURAVIS ideally-suited for medical applications such as endoscopy and surgical microscopy. As a result of the improved numerical aperture by a 5 degree full angle, the light guide captures more light and the low attenuation in the visible range results in even higher light output at the end of the light guide, which allows for smaller diameter of light guides with same output and thus easier installation.

PURAVIS also has increased longevity, achieved by improved chemical stability and low solarization, which is particularly important for medical reprocessing like autoclaving or cleaning, but also for outdoor applications. Transmission loss of PURAVIS after 100 autoclaving cycles has been greatly reduced--by up to 70% compared to previous fibers.

"PURAVIS [trade mark] is a significant breakthrough in fiber optics, and demonstrates SCHOTT's commitment to developing innovative technologies that help the way people live and work," said Karen Holst, product manager of glass optical fibers, SCHOTT Lighting & Imaging. "In addition to the identified primary applications, PURAVIS [trade mark] holds the promise to both SCHOTT and our customers of the possibility to develop solutions to current and future challenges in other applications that have yet to be explored. For example, fluorescence-based applications in the area of medical diagnostics and microscopy are both possible due to improved transmission in the near UV range."

And finally, PURAVIS is lead-free and environmentally friendly, avoiding the use of arsenic or antimony, two elements commonly used in glass refining. "In other words, any product that is equipped with PURAVIS [trade mark] already complies with the EU directives RoHS and REACH and is ready for future environmental requirements--worldwide," added Holst.

SOURCE: SCHOTT North America; www.us.schott.com/english/news/press_releases.html?NID=428&PHPSESSID=kpptb70qhtimg7hh6ncel2iaq7

IMAGE: PURAVIS high-purity optical fibers from SCHOTT have improved optical transmission and chemical stability for demanding medical and industrial applications; they are also lead-free and environmentally friendly. (Courtesy SCHOTT North America)

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