Data transceivers from Optical Zonu work with all CWDMs

Jan. 16, 2012
The ZonuF4 single-fiber, full-duplex, CWDM, and smart SFC transceivers include a μOTDR fast fiber fault finder.

The ZonuF4 single-fiber, full-duplex, CWDM, and smart SFC transceivers include a μOTDR fast fiber fault finder. The SFC transceivers work with any CWDM to support up to 10 business-class SONET/SDH or GigE customers on a single fiber with full-duplex operation up to long-reach link distances of 80 km.
Optical Zonu
Los Angeles, CA

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Introducing SFP Format Data Transceiver featuring Integrated uOTDR™ for instant detection, localization and reporting of optical fiber faults within span of 20 meters and minimum dynamic range of 55 dB.

Allows Service Providers to recover optical fibers “lost” to monitoring needs and eliminate expensive stand-alone OTDR systems requiring special support.

Van Nuys, CA – November 7, 2011 -- Optical Zonu Corporation (OZC), a leading supplier of Single Fiber SFP Transceivers, announced the introduction of its ZonuF4, Single Fiber, Full Duplex, CWDM, Smart SFC Transceivers with uOTDR Fast Fiber Fault Finder. These SFC Transceivers work in conjunction with any CWDM to support up to Ten (10) Business Class SONET/SDH or Gigabit Ethernet Customers ON A SINGLE FIBER with Full Duplex Operation up to "Long Reach" Link Distances of 80 Km. When installed in properly configured Network Equipment with an SFP-MSA Digital Diagnostic Monitoring I²C interface, these uOTDR Transceivers provide the data outputs required for the system to support the Operations, Administration and Maintenance (OAM) features of the IEEE 802.3ah and ITU Y.1731 Standards. The new Fast Fiber Fault Finder capability instantly detects, locates and reports optical fiber faults (or open UPC optical connectors) to a Network Switch properly configured to process this data and managed via SNMP.

“Imagine describing the expansiveness of Telecom, Cable or Utility Fiber Optic Networks in terms of football fields...thousands and thousands of football fields”, observed Mike Hartmann, VP of Sales and Marketing for OZC. “With ZonuF4 Smart SFC Transceivers, our Service Provider Customers will not only instantly know which football field to go to in order to find an optical fiber fault, they will know which yard-markers to stand between to be confident that the fault is only a 'first down' distance away, one direction or the other." Hartmann added, “Replacing a stand-alone OTDR with the full traffic carrying ZonuF4 uOTDR consumes only one CWDM Channel and recovers a full fiber's worth of CWDM traffic revenue.”

The ZonuF4 is priced under $500 each in volume and is available Stock to 6 weeks ARO.

About Optical Zonu Corporation: - OZC, privately owned and based in Los Angeles, CA, specializes in Fiber Optic Components for both Analog and Digital Transmission. The leading supplier of Single Fiber, Full Duplex, CWDM, uOTDR Transceivers, OZC maintains a strategic relationship with Go-Foton and supports direct Field Sales in the Americas and Europe. For more information visit or call 818.780.9701.


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