Fianium supercontinuum lasers generate >8 W total output power

April 21, 2011
The SC-450-8, SC-450-8-PP, and SC-450-8-VE supercontinuum lasers generate >8 W total output power between 450 nm and 2 μm.

The SC-450-8, SC-450-8-PP, and SC-450-8-VE supercontinuum lasers generate >8 W total output power between 450 nm and 2 μm. The first is a quasi-continuous system operating at 800 MHz. The PP can reduce repetition rate in increments of 80, 40, 20, 10, 5, 2, and 1 MHz. The VE has maximum brightness in the visible.
Southampton, England

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Fianium launches the world’s brightest white light lasers First public demonstrations of the highest power supercontinuum sources at Photonics West and BiOS 2011

Southampton, 20th January 2011 – Ultrafast fiber laser manufacturer Fianium today announces the industry’s most powerful commercially available Supercontinuum lasers. Three new models, SC-450-8, SC-450-8-PP and SC-450-8-VE are available now and are capable of generating over 8W of total output power and leading spectral brightness in a continuous spectrum from 450nm to over 2microns. The lasers will be demonstrated for the first time on Fianium’s booth at BIOS (A8703) and Photonics West (A2501).

SC-450-8 is a quasi-continuous high-repetition rate system operating at 800MHz repetition rate. SC-450-8-PP incorporates an A/O Pulse-Picker to reduce repetition rate in increments (80, 40, 20, 10, 5, 2, 1 MHz) allowing optimized fluorescence lifetime measurements and imaging.

SC-450-8-VE is a Visibly Enhanced version of the 8W Supercontinuum laser optmized for maximum spectral brightness in the visible portion of the spectrum. With over 1.5W in the visible wavelength range, in a single-mode beam, the system sets a new standard for white light sources. An average visible brightness of more than 5mW/nm makes the system useful for the most demanding applications requiring high power visible light such as flow cytometry, industrial inspection, fluorescence imaging and broadband spectroscopy. It is available in fixed and variable repetition rate versions for ultimate flexibility. With the variable repetition rate option, the source is perfectly suited to both lifetime studies and steady state measurements.

All three lasers have an all-fiber design which is robust, modular and upgradeable, and uses a stable, industry-ready 19” rack-mounted enclosure chassis equally suitable for OEM and laboratory applications. As with all Fianium products the new lasers are a turn-key system requiring no user alignment, maintenance or adjustment. In addition the lasers are compatible with the full range of Fianium plug-and-play accessories, including the new high power wavelength selecting AOTF-HP tunable filter module, with standard Visible, near-IR and IR crystal options.

For more information call +44 2380 458776, email [email protected] or visit the Fianium stands at BIOS (A8703) and Photonics West (A2501).

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About Fianium
Fianium is the world leading manufacturer of ultrafast fiber lasers, providing a product portfolio of unrivalled diversity, uncompromised performance and reliability, to customers in academia and industry.

Fianium’s team combines more than 100 years experience gained working at the forefront of the fiber laser industry. Its customers include key industry figures in bio-medical, material inspection and processing as well as leading professors from top universities around the world.

For industrial applications, Fianium’s product portfolio offers users an affordable and energy efficient alternative to traditional laser solutions and a means to complete tasks quicker, cheaper and better. The company is also active in pioneering the use of fiber lasers in new applications, displacing alternative technologies and providing users with the ability to do new things.

In academia, Fianium’s leadership in white light lasers offers users an advanced technology edge to conduct world class research and push the boundaries of scientific discovery. Because of its team’s very strong academic links, Fianium has the essential in-house scientific skills and know how to help users of its technology to stay ahead of the competition and achieve their goals.

Fianium has its world headquarters and manufacturing facility in Southampton in the UK and sales operations in the US, Japan and China. Fianium also has a micro-materials processing applications facility located in Portland, Oregon, USA.

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