New Products for the week of October 9, 2000

Oct. 9, 2000
Fiberoptic gyro from KVH Industries, Middletown, RI; Polarization meters from Santec Europe Ltd., Oxford, England; UV laser filters from CVI Laser Corp., Albuquerque, NM; Miniature zoom lens from Lens Innovation Ltd., Chesham, England

Fiberoptic gyro
A fiberoptic gyro is based on a single-mode optical fiber with an elliptically shaped core region with high polarization-preserving characteristics. The directional couplers, polarizer, and sensing coil of the unit are all made from the fiber. The unit has a mean time before failure of 50,000 h.
KVH Industries, Middletown, RI

Polarization meters
Polarization-extinction-ratio meters cover wavelengths used in telecommunications systems, including the 980-, 1310-, 1480-, and 1550-nm bands. The PEM-310 has resolution of 0.1 dB over a dynamic range of 40 dB and an optical power operating range of -40 to +10 dBm. A version that reaches +23 dBm is also available.
Santec Europe Ltd., Oxford, England

UV laser filters
Deep-UV interference filters for 157 and 193 nm made with fused silica, crystal quartz, or calcium fluoride substrates come in 0.5-, 1-, or 2-in. diameters. They have a typical average bandwidth of 20 nm ±4nm, high-peak transmittance ranges, and blocking to 1200 nm at OD4.
CVI Laser Corp., Albuquerque, NM

Miniature zoom lens
A zoom lens for use with three-chip 1/2- and 1/3-in. color CCTV cameras measures 6.5 to 18.5 mm with a focal length of f/2.8. The fully motorized lens is designed to match the resolution offered by newer high-quality color CCTV cameras from Toshiba, Elmo, Panasonic, Hitachi, JVC, and Fujinon.
Lens Innovation Ltd., Chesham, England

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