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Dec. 1, 2008
G-S PLASTIC OPTICS specializes in the custom manufacture of precision polymer optics for use in imaging, scanning, detection, and illumination applications worldwide.

Precision Polymer Optics

G-S PLASTIC OPTICS specializes in the custom manufacture of precision polymer optics for use in imaging, scanning, detection, and illumination applications worldwide. In addition to having an extensive catalog offering of precision polymer optics, the company has in-house capability to provide custom designed diamond turned and injection molded prototypes, production injection molding of optics, thin film and reflective coatings, and integrated optical solutions to meet a wide range of military, medical, commercial, and consumer markets. G-S PLASTIC OPTICS is fully ITAR compliant.

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New Single Frequency Fiber Laser System

The FLS10 fiber laser linecard system has been designed as a building block for densely spaced DWDM fiber sensing applications. A single shelf of a standard 19” rack can hold a maximum of 80 ultra-low-noise single frequency fiber lasers.

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Ten vibration insensitive (!) lasers per card are spectrally multiplexed into one polarized fiber output and can be frequency modulated independently through a simple computer interface.

The basic FLS10 Multi-laser system consists of a 10 laser line card, a communication card, power supply and software. The system is available either air- or water-cooled.

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Multi-Channel Power Meter to PC Interface

Ophir-Spiricon, the world’s leading provider of laser measuring equipment, introduces the Pulsar-4 that turns your PC or laptop into a full-featured laser power/energy meter, eliminating the need for an external display. It records pulse energies at up to 25,000 Hz for all 4 channels simultaneously.

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Infrared Germanium Blanks and Optics

Novotech is a global supplier of infrared materials and services. Infrared Germanium is a core product, stocked in substantial inventories from ingots to polished or coated optics. Other materials stocked include optical grade silicon, ZnSe, and ZnS (Cleartran). Our competitive advantage comes from our ability to source germanium and upgrade it. Our crystal growth, fabrication and coating capabilities allow us to offer a comprehensive and flexible range of infrared materials solutions and quick deliveries.

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