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Jaz, the world’s coolest modular measuring suite, is now available for multipoint sampling.

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Jaz Multi-Channel is Here

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Jaz, the world’s coolest modular measuring suite, is now available for multipoint sampling. With up to 8 channels available, Jaz is the spectroscopy solution that makes light work out of process flow and quality assurance applications. With its powerful onboard processor, Ethernet connection and — now — the ability to sample multiple specimens, Jaz is truly one of the most flexible and clever optical sensing solutions available. Let the professionals at Ocean Optics build one that’s just right for you.

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New Software Control Interface

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The PhotoFluor II light source from Chroma Technology Corp. features motorized filter control, motorized shuttering, and power standby. The new software interface can control light source functions with a mouse click, allows positioning under the bench, and allows customization of code for your application. The DC power supply stabilizes 200 Watts of lamp power for minimal fluctuation during time-sensitive experiments.

Chroma Technology Corp.

New mach 5 100 kHz Digital Joulemeter

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Our new mach 5 was designed to help you test and analyze the performance of your high rep rate, ultrafast laser in real time. Measure the energy of every pulse at up to 100 kHz. Capture and store up to 4 million pulses (40 seconds of data at max rep rate). Dump the data over the USB 2.0 interface and analyze it with our powerful LabView Software. The mach 5 is an incredibly helpful tool for those involved with development of pulsed lasers, integration of lasers into system, development of high throughput laser applications and process control.

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YAG Focus Spot Analyzer

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Ophir-Spiricon, the world’s leading provider of laser measuring equipment, introduces the FSA for measuring focus spot characteristics of relatively high power lasers, in particular a YAG. The average power can be from 10 to 400 Watts and the focal spot can be as small as 50µm. Managing focus spot is particularly important for quality of drilling, ablating and marking applications. • (866) 755-5499

New Single Frequency Fiber Laser System

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The FLS10 fiber laser linecard system has been designed as a building block for densely spaced DWDM fiber sensing applications. A single shelf of a standard 19” rack can hold a maximum of 80 ultra-low-noise single frequency fiber lasers.

Ten vibration insensitive (!) lasers per card are spectrally multiplexed into one polarized fiber output and can be frequency modulated independently through a simple computer interface.

The basic FLS10 Multi-laser system consists of a 10 laser line card, a communication card, power supply and software. The system is available either air- or water-cooled.

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