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CDT licenses LEP display technology to Dow; Toshiba and Matsushita form LCD alliance; BAE Systems opens infrared-imaging production facility ...

Toshiba and Matsushita form LCD alliance
Toshiba Corp. (Tokyo, Japan) and Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. Ltd. (Osaka, Japan) will unify their liquid-crystal display (LCD) and next-generation display businesses in a joint venture company that will be incorporated in April 2002 in Osaka, Japan and will be 60% and 40% owned by Toshiba and Matsushita, respectively. The business integration will involve product development, manufacturing, and sales operations, and will make the new venture the world's third-largest LCD company based on sales revenues in the fiscal year ended March 31, 2001.

Fiberoptic pioneers win 2001 Marconi Award at Columbia U.
The Marconi International Fellowship Foundation at Columbia University (New York, NY) awarded the 2001 Marconi Award in telecommunications and information technology to pioneers in the development of fiberoptic technology: Herwig Kogelnik of Lucent Technologies/Bell Laboratories (Murray Hill, NJ) and Allan Snyder of the Australian National University (Canberra, Australia). The $100,000 award, in its 27th year, honors advances in telecommunications and information technology for the public good.

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