IR image sensing specialist Senseeker Engineering acquires SE-IR

March 2, 2021
Senseeker’s ability to enable focal-plane array developers will be strengthened by the purchase of the test Dewar and electronics company.

Digital infrared (IR) sensing technology specialist Senseeker Engineering (Santa Barbara, CA) has acquired SE-IR (Goleta, CA), which specializes in cryogenic test equipment and electronics. The combination of Senseeker’s advanced digital readout integrated circuit (IC) technology and SE-IR’s industry-standard test Dewars and electronics will enable focal-plane array (FPA) developers to expedite their FPA development and evaluation process.

The two companies share a common customer base of FPA developers that hybridize Senseeker-designed digital readout ICs to create IR image sensors, then use SE-IR’s test equipment to evaluate FPA operation at cryogenic temperatures. Bringing together the readout IC design and cryogenic test equipment design will enable a streamlined and higher-performance future that will simplify and expedite the FPA development process for Senseeker’s customer base.

All of SE-IR’s existing products will continue to be supported and the SE-IR business and team are being integrated into Senseeker’s organization. Senseeker will maintain the brand SEIR and repurpose it into Senseeker Engineering Infrared. Senseeker now offers readout ICs, cryogenic test equipment, electronics hardware and software, as well as IC design services and various test services. These products and services enable FPA developers to accelerate IR image sensor and system design and focus on their core imaging technology.

Source: Senseeker Engineering press release – March 2, 2021

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