Jenoptik invests in e-beam lithography tool to strengthen micro-optics capabilities

Nov. 19, 2020
Jenoptik uses e-beam lithography as a major enabler for the manufacturing of ultraprecise micro-optics.

Jenoptik (Jena, Germany) has invested in a new electron-beam (e-beam) lithography tool, which will go into operation at its Dresden, Germany site in mid-2022. The e-beam system, which will be built by e-beam technology specialist Vistec Electron Beam (also in Jena), will be a core element for the development and production of next-generation precision sensors, which are essential for the further development of deep-UV (DUV) and establishing high-precision extreme-UV (EUV) wafer exposure in semiconductor production processes.

This e-beam lithography tool writes structures to precision in the 10 nm range on substrates up to 300 mm. Jenoptik uses this technology as a major enabler for the manufacturing of ultraprecise micro-optics, which is the functional core of the company’s sensors. The improved precision and flexibility of the new e-beam lithography tool ensures that future stages in semiconductor exposure technology can be supported with the required sensors.

With the recent acquisition of TRIOPTICS, Jenoptik has continued to strengthen its optical competence, particularly in optical test and measurement technology. The company is committed to the development and introduction of advanced lithography technologies in semiconductor manufacturing, with more than 150 years of expertise in optics, sensor technology, and precision mechanics.

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Source: Jenoptik press release  November 17, 2020

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