Inline Fabry-Perot Tunable Filters

Jan. 29, 2018
DRAFT RELEASE - Version 1.0

Ottawa, Canada – January 23, 2018
OZ Optics Limited, a world leading supplier of fiber optic products for telecommunication, industrial and medical applications, now offers In-Line Fabry-Perot Tunable Filters, ideal for Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) applications as well as Spectral Analysis, and Tunable channel drop for DWDM applications. The tunable filter simple and elegant design features an all-fiber construction. There are no collimating optics or lenses, thus eliminating the pitfalls of other Fabry-Perot component technologies, including misalignment, environmental sensitivity, and extraneous modes. The design is vibration and shock resistant, thermally stable all in a small footprint package. The Inline Fabry-Perot tunable filter features large free spectral ranges and high super-cavity finesse factors and can be designed for wavebands with central wavelengths ranging from 800nm to 2000nm. Spectral curves match ideal Airy functions so closely that engineers can design it into the optoelectronic OEM systems knowing that it will provide results that match their theoretical mathematical models. For detailed specifications and additional information about these and other products, visit

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