High Resolution, High Magnification to 12x UV, X-ray imaging

May 18, 2021

Star Tech Instruments has just released our newest products for measuring energy and beam images/profiles in the X-ray, XUV, EUV wavelengths from 1 - 410 nm.

STI now offers Instruments with NIST traceability from 5 nm to 410 nm and measurement capability down to 1 nm.

Energy Probes for X-ray(1 nm to 200 nm)

  • NIST Traceable (5nm to 200 nm)
  • High Transmission
  • No Microphonics
  • Low Noise
  • Minimal Long-term Drift
  • Polarization Insensitive
  • High Damage Threshold to 500 mJ/cm2
  • Full Range of Input Apertures
  • Wide Wavelength Range 1 nm to 200 nm*
  • Extremely Linear
  • Wide Field of View
  • Wide Field input apertures

Energy measurement in the XUV and X-ray normally require a vacuum and STI provides systems with vacuum ratings to 10-10 Torr. We offer multiple aperture options to 38 mm standard and larger if requested.

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