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Case Study: Precision and Quality in Custom Large Optics

Case Study: Precision and Quality in Custom Large Optics

The burgeoning demand for tailored optical solutions in the ever-evolving technological landscape has fueled the need for customized large optics. Shanghai Optics, a renowned leader in custom optical solutions, recently embarked on a challenging project that underscores their dedication to precision and quality in meeting unique customer needs.


A client approached Shanghai Optics seeking customized large optics for their specialized projects, including 400mm large prisms and 250mm and 400mm diameter off-axis parabolic (OAP) mirrors. These unique needs stemmed from the inadequacy of off-the-shelf products to meet the project’s specifications and the scarcity of suppliers capable of handling such intricate and oversized components.

Customization Solutions

Shanghai Optics recognized the challenges faced by the customer and stepped in as the solution provider. Understanding the critical importance of surface accuracy and quality in these oversized optics, Shanghai Optics committed to delivering optics that not only met but exceeded the customer’s expectations.

Approach to Meeting Requirements

Crafting customized large optics with exceptional precision and surface quality posed a formidable challenge. Our production team dedicated extensive time to polish the components meticulously, employing meticulous techniques to ensure compliance with stringent specifications. Leveraging a specialized robotic polishing machine showcased our commitment to cutting-edge technology in meeting customer demands.

Customer Satisfaction and Achievements

Despite encountering initial quality assurance issues with one of the OAP mirrors, Shanghai Optics promptly addressed the concern, reaffirming our commitment to quality and customer service. The ultimate validation of our capabilities came from the satisfied customer, highlighting the effectiveness of their solution in meeting unique optical requirements.

Our successful execution of this project exemplifies their ability to cater to the distinctive needs of customers in the realm of customized large optics. Their unwavering commitment to precision, quality, and utilization of innovative technology positions Shanghai Optics as a trusted partner in the optics industry. This case study underscores our dedication to delivering excellence and our capacity to overcome the most challenging optical demands.

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