PG&O Introduces Beamsplitter with 1000:1 Extinction Ratio

March 14, 2022

● Polarizing beamsplitter cube is ideal for laser applications.

Santa Ana, CA – March 14, 2022 –Precision Glass & Optics (PG&O –, a global leader in optical manufacturing, precision thin-film coatings, and complete optical solutions, announces the new polarizing beamsplitter cube that splits up the S & P polarization of light with extinction ratios from Tp/Ts 1000:1 and Rs/Rp 1000:1. PG&O’s specialty beamsplitters are designed to work with lasers and are well-suited for other optical applications.

The entrance and exit faces of the cube beamsplitters are carefully coated with anti-reflection (AR) coatings to greatly improve the performance of the cube. With advanced optical coatings from PG&O that operate from 200 nm – 2500 nm, these innovative beamsplitters can be customized to meet the critical specifications of customers.

According to President Dan Bukaty, Jr., “With our new capability, our 1000:1 extinction ratios fully maximizes the split between S&P polarization which is an essential factor in many laser tasks. With the new transmission and reflection ratios we elevate our level of proficiency in beamsplitter thin-film coating technology. We’re excited to provide this expanded offering to new and existing customers.”

The company’s previously announced 200:1 and the new 1000:1 extinction cube polarizing beamsplitters are both used in applications where two polarization components need to be analyzed, or used simultaneously. Ideal for use in the ultraviolet, visible, near-infrared and mid-IR wavelength ranges. To learn more about PG&O’s cube beamsplitter technology, please go to:

PG&O’s optical thin film coating technology, along with the company’s large in-house inventory of optical glass products, and full optical fabrication facility, provides highly precise optical coatings that can be customized and specified (up to 24 inches diameter) to meet exact wavelength and/or angle requirements.

Precision Glass & Optics (PG&O®) – PG&O provides complete turnkey optical solutions for operation in the 200 nm – 2500 nm wavelength range. Our extensive glass substrates inventory combines with our expanded polishing services, and other fabrication capabilities such as CNC machining, slicing, sawing, scribing, edging, and assembly, to deliver reliable and cost-effective finished optics and precision thin-film coatings. We have three large coating chambers, and an expert, in-house engineering staff to assure continuity and supply optical solutions to meet the mission-critical demands of military, aerospace, biomedical, imaging, laser, avionics, digital cinema, life sciences, solar, display, homeland security, automotive, and emerging markets. From simple optics and plano optical components to complex shapes, precision and multilayer thin films, intricate assemblies, and custom optical design solutions, PG&O is your key supplier.

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