Xenics introduces unparalleled shutter-less uncooled LWIR core

Nov. 9, 2020
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Xenics, Europe’s leading developer and manufacturer of advanced infrared sensors, cameras and customized imaging solutions, ranging from the short-wave (SWIR) to long-wave (LWIR) infrared spectrum, announced today that the Dione family will be expanding. The Dione 640 is a LWIR thermal imaging core optimized to meet today’s increased demand for smaller size, lower weight, and lower power consumption (SWaP). Its image quality puts the Dione 640 at the forefront of uncooled LWIR core technology for the safety and security market as well as industrial and medical applications. 

Xenics forges ahead with technology solutions

This year is very special for Xenics as the company accelerates innovation in IR technology. With the introduction of 3 new products since January, Xenics demonstrates its innovation capabilities. The Dione 640 version is only the first of the Dione family, more products will be revealed before end of 2020.

Xenics reconciles SWaP with image quality

The newly launched Dione 640 is known as a SWaP optimized camera-core based on the latest generation of 12 µm pitch microbolometer sensors. The reduction of Size, Weight and Power consumption were the key factors that drove the design of the 640, the first member of the Dione family. It is offered in a VGA format (640×480 pixels) with a sensitivity of 60 mK and is packaged in an industry leading form factor of only 25x25x10mm3, weighing just 6g. This is thanks to an electronics package that the Xenics development team has succeeded in reducing to only one PCB. The other breakthrough leading to the achievement of this ultimate SWaP characteristic, is to combine a shutter-less operation with advanced calibration and image correction technology. The latest version of this algorithm enables Dione 640 to deliver images of high quality without impairing its SWaP characteristics, in particular keeping the power consumption as low as 0.8 W at 60 Hz. The Dione 640 OEM is supplied without a housing. The Dione 640 CAM M24 (M24 optical interface) or Dione 640 CAM M34 (M34 optical interface) come integrated in a camera housing. All options are simple and straightforward to integrate into systems. The Dione range offers a simple but highly configurable solution maximising its ability to meet customers’ needs.

The Dione family will expand over the coming months with an increased resolution version that will share the same design philosophy, including the 16bit digital output (compatible with CameraLinkTM protocol), triggering capacity and GenICam compliance.

Dione 640 SWaP characteristics allow system integrators to develop smaller Hand-Held Thermal Imagers (HHTI), Thermal Weapon Sights (TWS), high integration surveillance or industrial hand-held thermal analysis. The Dione 640 image quality is a step forward for compact observation and detection systems.

Thanks to these SWaP characteristics and its image quality, Dione 640 opens a new era in safety and security systems as well as in industrial thermal analysis.

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