Jim Nole

Director of Marketing, TelAztec

Jim Nole is director of marketing at TelAztec (Burlington, MA).

(Courtesy of TelAztec)
FIGURE 1. As seen in this electron-microscope image, surface antireflection structures exist in many varieties. The random AR structure (lower right) is now commercially available.

Laser Optics: Antireflection nanotextures for laser optics go commercial

Antireflection nanotextures provide high optical performance, low surface absorption, and high laser-damage resistance, leading to long-term beam stability.
(Courtesy of TelAztec)
FIGURE 1. Scanning-electron-micrograph (SEM) images show various types of ARMs textures etched in the surface of durable optical materials.

Optical Materials: Nanotextured optical surfaces advance laser power and reliability

June 9, 2014
Retaining the mechanical, thermal, chemical, and optical properties of durable materials, functional nanometer-scale textures etched in optic surfaces enable higher-power, more...