Anis Rahman

CTO and President, Applied Research & Photonics (ARP)
Phone: 7176238201

Anis Rahman is president and chief technology officer at Applied Research & Photonics (ARP; Harrisburg, PA).

FIGURE 1. For the terahertz nanoscanner setup, both reflection- and transmission-mode measurements are possible (a). The sample remains stationary while the nanoscanner scans the sample over a chosen area or volume. Here, an optical wafer is mounted on the terahertz nanoscanner to prepare for imaging (b).
Detectors & Imaging

Spectroscopic terahertz imaging probes the inner structures of 0D-3D nanomaterials

April 14, 2020
Terahertz time-domain scanning technology provides camera-less, lattice-resolution, layer-by-layer imaging and identification of the internal structures of simple and complex ...
FIGURE 1. An experimental setup shows the terahertz scanning reflectometer. A fine-pitch, one-dimensional motion control system is used to move the substrate (sample holder) in and out of the focal point while the detection system acquires data in real time. For kinetics measurements, the specimen is kept fixed and focused.

TERAHERTZ INSTRUMENTATION: Terahertz technology enables systems for molecular characterization

Jan. 1, 2012
Smart terahertz scanning reflectometer and spectrometer systems exploit the ability of terahertz radiation to penetrate nonmetallic objects and sense the motions of molecules....