AUO unveils a 12.1 in. full-color micro-LED display with a 169 DPI pixel density

Oct. 22, 2018
The spacing between micro-LEDs in the 1920 x 720 pixel display is less than 30 µm.

AU Optronics (AUO; Hsinchu, Taiwan) has unveiled what it calls "the highest resolution full color TFT driven micro-LED display technology," in the form of a 12.1-in.-diagonal full-color display with a 1920 x 720 pixel resolution, which works out to be a dots per inch (DPI) of 169 and a separation between the micro-LEDs of less than 30 µm. As should happen in a micro-LED display, each pixel can be controlled independently. The display was first shown at the Touch Taiwan 2018 show (August 29 to 31; Taipei, Taiwan).

Micro-LED displays combine the advantages of high brightness, high color gamut, and infinite contrast (completely dark blacks). Of the many forms of already commercialized and currently widely used displays, only organic LED (OLED) displays have infinite contrast. However, micro-LED displays are complex to manufacture, as each microLED must be individually "pick-and-place" located and connected to the display (or at least to a smaller module that can then be combined with other modules to form a complete display). This makes today's micro-LED display technology very expensive.

As noted in an October, 2018 report by Yole Developpement (Lyon, France), micro-LED display technology, if reduced in cost, "could potentially match or exceed OLED performance in all critical attributes," according to Eric Virey, a senior technology and market analyst at Yole.


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