Optical isolator from Illuminated Components provides maximum forward current of 50 mA

Aug. 16, 2010
The TT Electronics Optek Technology OPI1268 optical isolator provides AC and DC voltage isolation up to 16 KV at data transmission rates of 2 Mbaud.

The TT Electronics Optek Technology OPI1268 optical isolator provides AC and DC voltage isolation up to 16 KV at data transmission rates of 2 Mbaud. A GaAlAs LED with a peak wavelength of 850 nm is optically coupled to a photodiode in the output IC. Forward current is typically 10 mA (50 mA max.), with typical propagation delays ≤500 ns.
Illuminated Components (distributor)
Boca Raton, FL



Optical Isolators Provide TTL-Compatible High Speed Data Transmission

OPTEK's UL-Recognized High Voltage Optoisolator Delivers 16KV Isolation at 2Mbd Data Transfer Rate

CARROLLTON, TX (Feb. 23, 2010): Providing power electronics design engineers with a high voltage device capable of high speed digital data transmission, TT electronics OPTEK Technology has developed an optical isolator that delivers AC and DC voltage isolation up to 16KV while achieving digital data transmission rates of 2Mbd. Designated OPI1268, the UL-recognized high voltage optoisolator is designed for power isolation in high voltage PC board circuits in industrial electronics systems, medical electronic equipment and office machines. Thus, Illuminated Components is proud to offer competitive pricing and lead time for these unique products.

"The OPI1268 device is ideal for high voltage isolation circuits," explained Rodney Bailey, vice president of optoelectronic component solutions for OPTEK Technology. "The output IC detects the incoming optical signal and converts it to a proportionate current, which is fed through a high gain linear amplifier and compensated for temperature, current and voltage, resulting in a highly stable digital output with an open collector inverter configuration."

The OPI1268 optoisolator combines a high efficiency GaAlAs (Gallium Aluminum Arsenide) LED with a peak wavelength of 850nm, optically coupled to a Photologic® photodiode in the output IC. Forward current (IF) is 10mA typical/50mA max, with typical propagation delays (tPHL-tPLH) <= 500ns.

Creepage distance/air path is 0.970 inches (24.64mm), and the devices are UL recognized under file #E58730.

Packaged in an opaque high dielectric plastic housing, the OPI1268 device measures 27.94mm x 6.35mm x 8.89mm with a five-lead configuration (cathode, anode, Vcc, output and ground). Operating temperature range is from -40°C to +100°C.

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