Zebra Imaging and Zygote partner on 3D biomedical visualization

Nov. 4, 2014
Zebra Imaging, provider of 3D holographic visualization technologies, announced a strategic partnership with Zygote Media Group for 3D anatomy and biomedical models for animation and visual effects.

IMAGE: Zygote and Zebra Imaging are partnering to improve the availability of 3D digital holography for biomedical visualization. (Image credit: Zebra Imaging)

Zebra Imaging (Austin, TX), provider of 3D holographic visualization technologies, announced a strategic partnership with Zygote Media Group (American Fork, UT), provider of 3D anatomy and biomedical models for animation and visual effects for the medical and medical education markets. Zygote says it maintains the world's most comprehensive library of accurate 3D anatomy and biomedical models and has pioneered development of high-end solid 3D anatomy models for research and bioengineering.

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"Zygote is the golden standard in 3D health care models and we are incredibly pleased to combine their content strength and our ground-breaking holographic technology to visualize complex anatomy," said Chuck Scullion, president and CEO of Zebra Imaging.

Zygote offers customers high-value virtual reality 3D models and 3D services, including Zygote Body, a free interactive 3D model of the human body that was co-developed with Google. Zygote models are used by medical experts in textbooks, software and animated videos around the world. Through the partnership, Zebra Imaging's customers will be able to access and create 3D holographic prints from Zygote's extensive library of human anatomy. Zygote customers will be able to order 3D Holograms of medical models direct from 3DScience.com and ZygoteBody.com. Additionally the companies will be creating joint product offerings to medical customers, including hospitals, physicians and medical educators, as well as device and pharmaceutical manufacturers.

Zebra Imaging's holographic technology is used to show complex data in a 3D, glasses-free display and has been proven to provide a statistically significant performance improvement over traditional textbook materials in understanding anatomy, especially in regards to spatial relationships. A study, released at ITSEC 2013 (Medical Holography for Basic Anatomy Training) points out that cognitive loads were lower using the holograms as well, lending credence to the notion that it is easier and more intuitive to process complex medical information from 3D holograms.

Holographic printing of select 3D models will be available immediately through both companies' websites and continue to be expanded through the partnership for both medical applications and consumer use.

SOURCE: Zebra Imaging; http://www.zebraimaging.com/news-and-events/news/bid/357354/Zebra-Imaging-Partners-With-Zygote-Media-Group

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