PerkinElmer launches new detectors and SMD thermopiles

May 13, 2008--The latest sensor innovations improve system performance needed by OEMs.

May 13, 2008--PerkinElmer Optoelectronics (Fremont, CA), a global technology company specializing in optical detection technologies, digital imaging, and specialty lighting, announced several new sensor families: Thermopile sensors in SMD housings and avalanche photodiodes (APDs) in plastic packaging, each featuring improved thermal properties as well as new chip and packaging options. PerkinElmer's new SMD Thermopile family and lower-cost plastic-packaged APD family was featured at SENSOR + TEST 2008 held May 6 - 8, 2008, at the Nuremberg Convention Center in Nuremberg, Germany.

PerkinElmer's new SMD Thermopile family consists of two new products: the TPS 23S Thermopile detector (small size) and the A2TPMI 23S Thermopile sensor with integrated electronics. Each product line offers SMD process capabilities as well as excellent thermal shock performance. Typical applications for the new SMD Thermopiles include ear thermometers and other consumer applications such as printers and photo-copiers.

PerkinElmer is also debuting its family of new plastic-packaged APDs, including new, lower-cost devices based on various size and wavelength- adapted EPI APD chips in SMD and plastic T1 ¾ through-hole packaging. Together with a new high-speed silicon PIN photodiode, this new device family complements PerkinElmer's Plastic EPI Cavity laser family of emitters, also on display at SENSOR + TEST 2008. New plastic-packaged APDs reduce cost and can be modified for specific customer needs. Customers in the commercial and recreational range-finding markets, high-volume optical distance measurement, and security and presence detection will benefit from the new APD and PIN families, which provide a lower cost alternative to existing metal-packaged APD devices.

"PerkinElmer is very pleased to be introducing at Sensor + Test several new sensor product families which offer our customers increased performance, lower cost of ownership, and faster time-to-market. Customers can fully leverage the potential of these sensors in key application areas including non-contact temperature sensing, low light-level optical detection, and gas-sensing", said Michael Ersoni, vice president and general manager of the Commercial Sensors division of PerkinElmer Optoelectronics.

"We are very proud that PerkinElmer's sensors, which enable many motion-controlled energy management applications--automatic light switching, HVAC control, presence detection for consumer electronic goods, to name a few--contribute significantly to the conservation of energy and the reduction of CO2 emissions on a global basis," Ersoni added.

Other new sensor products announced at SENSOR +TEST 2008 by PerkinElmer include:

*The IR-BLOC ambient light sensor family--the world's first silicon photodiode- /phototransistor-based ambient light sensors incorporating an infrared (IR)-blocking feature in a plastic epoxy package. Photodiode and phototransistor capabilities allow for a spectral response adapted to that of the human eye, achieving IR light rejection with the epoxy filter cast housing. IR-BLOC sensors are used in automotive headlight-dimming (automatic), indoor and outdoor light switching, camera exposure control, and oil-burner flame monitoring.

*Multi-EPI cavity plastic lasers--double (DPEW) and triple (TPGEW) EPI-cavity lasers that are plastic-packaged, employing PerkinElmer's multi-active area laser chips to deliver high output power in a small emitting area. These lasers are used in applications such as range-finding, automotive adaptive cruise control (ACC), fog-sensing and blind-spot detection, LIDAR, and fiber-optic instrumentation.

*The Thermopile TPS 73x family--a new thermopile family especially suited for gas-sensing applications that delivers enhanced performance, combining high sensitivity and low noise. It is available with various narrowband filters and in different housing sizes from the standard TO-39 (8.15 mm cap diameter) to a miniature TO-41 (3.56 mm cap diameter).

*Thermopile TPS 23x family--a miniature thermopile family for low-cost, remote temperature sensing applications. Available in different housing sizes from the standard TO-39 (8.15 mm cap diameter) to a miniature TO-41 (3.56 mm cap diameter) or the new high performance, isothermal TO-46 housing for improved thermal shock resistance. Sensitivity ranges between 22 and 58 μV/K.

*The DigiPyro family--digital pyroelectric infrared detectors for home and industrial motion-sensing applications such as intrusion alarms, motion-activated light switches, and door openers. The DigiPyro product range is now available in various window sizes and in dual- and quad-element models (PYD 1978, 1988, 1998, and PYQ 2898), providing customers with cost-effective digital upgrades to the corresponding models in PerkinElmer's LHi family of analog pyrodetectors. The DigiPyro Triple Channel quad-element PYQ 2898 offers two sensing channels and an integrated temperature monitor output.

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