Electrophysics and Opgal Optronic join forces

June 30, 2008--Infrared imaging manufacturer Opgal Optronics Industries partners with distributor Electrophysics.

June 30, 2008--Electrophysics (Fairfield, NJ) announced that after a mutual evaluation of the market opportunities, it has entered into an agreement with Opgal Optronics Industries (Karmiel, Israel) to distribute Opgal's line of infrared (IR) imaging products. "We are excited to become Opgal's North American partner and to offer Opgal's state-of-the-art infrared imaging technology to our customers," said Art Stout, vice president of business development. "The Opgal line is a complementary addition to our existing infrared cameras, night vision, and thermal imaging products and enables Electrophysics to offer a complete line of infrared imaging cores, surveillance cameras, and military-qualified products. We are honored to be associated with Opgal and its dedicated team of infrared technology experts," concluded Stout.

The new product line is focused on three major areas. The first is OEM business for which Electrophysics will offer a wide-ranging product line including basic IR camera cores to completely integrated IR camera systems for defense, security, safety, and industry. The second major application area will be long-range surveillance where both cooled and uncooled infrared cameras are available for thermal imaging and situational awareness. Third are militarized finished products like the full Mil-STD Driver's Vision Enhancer Thermal Vision kit, observation systems, and others.

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