Single-photon detection improves with ID Quantique free-running-mode system (VIDEO)

June 13, 2011
Baltimore, MD--At CLEO 2011, ID Quantique described the free-running-mode capabilities of its Advanced System for Single-Photon Detection.

Baltimore, MD--At the 2011 OSA Conference on Lasers and Electro Optics (CLEO), ID Quantique (Geneva, Switzerland) representative Fred Perry, president of ID Quantique distributor Boston Electronics (Brookline, MA), described ID Quantique's Advanced System for Single-Photon Detection. The ID Quantique single-photon detection system received an honorable mention in the 2011 CLEO/Laser Focus World Innovation Awards competition.

The Advanced System for Single-Photon Detection from ID Quantique can be used for cryptography, eye-safe LIDAR, and single-photon source characterization applications. Because it can operate at high speeds up to 100 MHz in free-running mode without requiring cryogenic cooling, it opens up a range of new applications not previously possible.

The system’s indium-gallium-arsenide (InGaAs) fiber-coupled avalanche photodiode (APD) accounts for its < 200 ps timing jitter when most commercially available single-photon detectors strive to reach 300 ps levels. In addition, the single-photon detection system has adjustable photon-detection probability, adjustable delays, gate width, and deadtime, a two-channel auxiliary event counter, allows single-mode or multimode fiber input, and is compatible with home-made photon detection systems in the scientific and industrial community. For more information, go to

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