QD Vision SBIR yields highest-resolution quantum-dot-based display

Watertown, MA--QD Vision demonstrated the world’s highest-resolution quantum-dot-based active matrix display under a Phase II SBIR for the U.S. Army.

Watertown, MA--QD Vision announced that it recently demonstrated the world’s highest-resolution quantum-dot-based active matrix display under a Phase II Small Business Innovative Research Program (SBIR) for the U.S. Army. The portable micro-display imaging system, which features SVGA resolution (800 x 600 pixel count) and a 15.6 mm diagonal, uses QD Vision's quantum-dot light-emitting diode (QLED) technology. QD Vision says its QLEDs are a reliable, energy efficient, tunable color solution for display and lighting applications that reduce manufacturing costs and can use ultra-thin, transparent, or flexible materials.

QD Vision produced the amber monochrome display that met or surpassed all program metrics. The company is planning to develop full-color versions, and monochrome prototypes are currently available for customer demonstrations and user assessment.

The micro-display is a key component in indirect viewing systems used in applications where high resolution, brightness, color contrast, and power efficiency are critical. Worn near the eye, they are featured in applications such as video headsets, helmet-mounted displays, wearable computers, and other portable devices. Printable QLED technology allows the display maker to tune precisely the monochrome color point or the full-color gamut of a display without the use of lossy color filters, thereby improving display system performance and cost.

"This demonstration clearly illustrates the promise of quantum dot technology for displays, which includes ultra-thin form factors, high efficiency, low cost to manufacture and highly saturated colors," said Jason Carlson, president and CEO of QD Vision. "As a result of the success with this U.S. Army project, the company is moving closer to commercialization of this technology."

SOURCE: QD Vision; www.qdvision.com/content1444

Posted by:Gail Overton

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