Sydor Instruments receives $1M DOE grant for soft x-ray imaging

Sydor Instruments was awarded the $1,000,000 SBIR Phase II grant from the DOE.

Custom diagnostics, ultrafast imaging systems, and ballistic imaging and test systems manufacturer Sydor Instruments (Rochester, NY) was awarded a $1,000,000 Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Phase II grant from the Department of Energy (DOE).

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Sydor Instruments will use this grant in collaboration with Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory to develop a direct-detection, soft x-ray imaging camera with five to ten times better position resolution than currently available technology. The Phase II program will implement the designs developed during Phase I and produce a beta prototype for testing at a soft inelastic x-ray scattering beamline.

"We are very pleased with being awarded this SBIR Phase II grant and would like to thank Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory for its partnership and collaboration during this process. This grant from the Department of Energy reinforces the importance of further developing this technology which will significantly improve the ability to precisely characterize atomic structures which will in turn provide considerable benefits in terms of discovery and new material science. These detectors will be especially beneficial in any type of soft x-ray spectroscopic diagnostic. Commercial embodiments of this technology will result in better resolution for existing beamlines and enable shorter, more economical beamlines for the future," said Michael Pavia, president of Sydor Instruments.

Sydor Instruments specializes in streak cameras and single-photon applications where the highest resolution and accuracy is required.

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