Hisense and Philips expand distribution of QD Vision quantum dot displays

QD Vision announced two commercial developments to make its quantum dot displays available to a broader audience.

QD Vision (Lexington, MA) announced two important commercial developments to make its quantum dot displays available to a broader audience. First, building from early sales success in China, Hisense executives say their company is expanding distribution of its 55” ULED K7100 TV--the first curved TV to feature QD Vision's Color IQ quantum dot technology to consumers in South America and South Africa. And second, technology company MMD, brand license partner for Philips Monitors and QD Vision, is bringing the first quantum dot desktop monitor to Europe.

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Hisense says its curved TV offers a truly cinematic visual experience thanks to the advanced quantum dot solution from QD Vision and Hisense's unique Ultra LED (ULED) technology.

"Our K7100 curved quantum dot TV has been extremely well-received in China since we launched in August,” said Jianwei Cao, vice general manager, Hisense Electric Company. Hisense is the largest TV manufacturer in China and the fourth largest worldwide.

"Hisense is leading the charge to bring affordable quantum dot TVs to a larger audience, and we are proud to partner with them as they broaden their market reach," said Matt Mazzuchi, VP market and business development, QD Vision. "Our unique Color IQ edge-optic solution is perfectly suited for high-end displays like the K7100."

QD Vision says its edge-optic quantum dot solution is designed to enable easy integration into any form factor display, including curved televisions, thin-bezel monitors and all-in-one computers. The K7100 is the first curved television to incorporate Color IQ technology.

And regarding the first quantum dot desktop monitor, the Philips 27 inch Full HD monitor (276E6ADS) achieves 99% Adobe RGB color due to Color IQ technology from QD Vision. "Quantum dot technology is changing the way monitor users think about color, and the new 27 inchE Line monitor is the first on the market to showcase this new technology," said Stefan Sommer, director Marketing & Business Management EMEA at MMD.

Even at the highest price points, most of today’s monitors are only capable of displaying less than 95% of the Adobe RGB standard, with mainstream models typically only capable of presenting roughly 70% of the Adobe spectrum. Using QD Vision’s Color IQ solution, we can now produce monitors that deliver the full Adobe RGB standard (> 99%), but at much lower overall costs.

The company says that the 276E6ADS combines Color IQ optics with full HD resolution, resulting in a professional-quality display at the price of mainstream desktop monitors.

The new E6 quantum dot monitor will be available in October 2015 in Europe.

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