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Sept. 1, 2001
Portable video microscope from Jenson Tools, Phoenix, AZ; UV laser system for microprocessing from LPKF Lasers and Electronics, Garbsen, Germany; Fiberoptic focusing optics from Meller Optics, Providence, RI; Integrated color sensors from Texas Advanced Optoelectronic Solutions, Plano TX...
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Portable video microscope
The FT300 FiberInspector is a portable video microscope for inspection of installed terminations in hardware devices and patch panels. The FT300 FiberInpector kit includes a fiber probe, fiber display, ac adaptor/battery charger, probe adapter tips (ST, SC, FC, and universal 2.5-mm patch cord tip), and hard carrying case.
Jenson Tools, Phoenix, AZ

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UV laser system for microprocessing
The new MF 100 UV laser is designed for precise cut-outs, holes, and cavities in ceramics, plastics, and metals, as well as two-dimensional structures in layers and foils with dimensions 100 µm. The system includes a Q-switched UV laser source and a high-precision x-y table system. Applications include electronics, optoelectronics, sensor technology, and analytics.
LPKF Lasers and Electronics, Garbsen, Germany

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Fiberoptic focusing optics
A full line of sapphire and ruby spheres and custom-fabricated half or partial spheres is available for use as lenses in fiberoptic and laser-diode focusing applications. The spheres have Moh 9 hardness and are designed for use in harsh environments. Forty-two standard inch and metric sizes from .005 to 0.5 in. are offered. Antireflective coatings are available that yield 98% transmission at HeNe wavelength.
Meller Optics, Providence, RI

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Integrated color sensors
Three new integrated color sensors provide on-board conditioning plus color filters. Each of the color sensors is designed to detect one of three primary colors: red, blue, or green. The TSLR257 senses the color red; the TSLB257 identifies the color blue; and the TSLG257 recognizes the color green. All three color sensors are built on the TAOS light-to-voltage converter platform with a deposited color filter. Applications include fluorescence and mark detection, optical bandpass filters, and medical diagnostics.
Texas Advanced Optoelectronic Solutions, Plano TX

OEM power supply
A new OEM power supply has been introduced specifically for use with large-area avalanche photodiodes (LAAPDs). The compact supply requires 5-V input and delivers up to 2000 V and 0.5 mA with ripple of <0/002%. The LAAP is an all-solid-state alternative to the photomultiplier tube (PMT), offering high gain (200), greater quantum efficiency and dynamic range, and wider spectral response than a PMT.
Advanced Photonix, Camarillo, CA

Modular light sources
A new line of modular flood and focused-beam light sources provides polymerization of light-curing adhesives and coatings for a variety of process settings. Components available as modules include reflectors, power supplies, shields and stands, and shutters. Modules are used to create custom curing processes for most applications.
Dymax, Torrington, CT

Portable fiberoptic power meters
The DM300s are hand-held, portable fiberoptic power meters used to measure optical power or loss in any fiberoptic network. The DM300 may be ordered with either a silicon or germanium detector, with measurement ranges in wavelengths from 400 to 1000 nm or 850 to 1650 nm, respectively. The device has a feature allowing the user to program the meter resolution.
Fotec, Medford, MA

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InGaAs camera
The Merlin InGaAs-based camera is designed for imaging laser energy in the 1.3- and 1.55-µm C-, L- and S-wavebands used by DWDM telecom lasers. The camera has 320 x 256 pixel snapshot-mode focal-plan arrays with <1% linearity and <0.2% nonuniformity. Adjustable integration times are as low as 500 ns. The Merlin is based on proprietary low-noise, ISC9809 analog-signal-processing integrated circuits and InGaAs detector material.
Indigo Systems, Santa Barbara, CA

Picosecond light source
A new picosecond light source is based on a Nichia blue laser. The 440-nm source emits high repetition-rate pulses of <100-ps duration. Applications include time-domain fluorescence excitation and detector testing. An available OEM package includes a simple microprocessor interface and can be used with any NanoLED source.
IBH, Glasgow, Scotland

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High-Tg adhesives
A line of adhesives has been developed for optical applications where a high glass-transition value is required, such as in the fiberoptics industry. These adhesives include 526M02, F202, and F211, which provide a durable, rigid bond even at high temperatures.
Tra-Con, Bedford, MA

Compact 3-D scanning system
The Miniconoscan 3000 is a compact 3-D scanning system that combines the patented Conoprobe noncontact sensor with a smart x-y scanning system. The system utilizes patented "conoscopic holography" technology, using optical interference through refracting crystals to accurately measure height changes. Applications include reverse engineering, quality control, and general-purpose 3-D applications.
Spectrum Metrology, Leicester, England

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NIR achromats
A new line of NIR achromats is designed to provide the smallest spot size possible for polychromatic light between 700 and 1100 nm. The achromats are available in more than 30 sizes with diameter ranging from 3.00 to 25.00 mm, diameter tolerance of +0.0/-0.10 mm, center thickness tolerance of ±0.2 mm, and centering tolerance of 3 to 5 arc min. Achromats have a broadband AR coating with <1% reflectivity between 700 and 1550 nm. These achromats also reduce spherical aberration when used with monochromatic sources up to 2 µm in wavelength.
Edmund Industrial Optics, Barrington, NJ

CCD for NIR Raman spectroscopy
The new BR-DD camera is a deep-depleted, back-illuminated detector designed for rapid, multichannel, low-light applications such as NIR Raman spectroscopy. It offers "Fringe Suppression Technology" to overcome Etaloning effects to obtain accurate NIR spectra. It has a peak QE of 94% at 800 nm and negligible dark current with cooling to -90°, eliminating the need for LN2 cooling.
Andor Technologies, Belfast, Northern Ireland

Analog line-scan camera
The new LC1917 analog line-scan camera has a faceplate measurement of 2 x 0.75 in., allowing the installation of multiple cameras in an area the size of a single square-front line-scan camera. The camera has a dynamic range of 2500:1, a resolution of 1024 pixels, and a 5-MHz data rate.
PerkinElmer Optoelectronics, Santa Clara, CA

Dual-laser source
The Model 520-1516-S09 is a dual-laser source for testing of single-mode fiber installations at both 1550 and 1625 nm. The light source contains both 1550- and 1625-nm Fabry-Perot laser diodes. It is available with either two optical ports or a single optical port. The port may be either FC style or have interchangeable adaptors for FC, ST, and SC single connector types.
Cercis, Hopewell, NJ

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Nd:YAG laser
The Brilliant series of Q-switched Nd:YAG lasers has added a fifth-generation option with UV at 213 nm. The new laser includes a full-feature remote-control unit and active temperature stabilization. It is designed for harsh industrial environments.
Quantel, Les Ulis, France

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Adjustable ring light
An ergonomically designed version of the Munchkin R-90M 8-point adjustable ring light has been introduced. It provides full 360° shadow-free, cool illumination using eight light sources precision-mounted in "gliding" carriers. The R-90M has a diameter of 1.75 in. and weighs 1.0 lb. It has a black anodized-aluminum exterior housing, which is nonreflective to eliminate visual disturbances. The system is designed for QC, cleanrooms, manufacturing inspections, and scientific applications.
Chiu Technical, Kings Park, NY

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C-mount video lens
Compact C-mount video lenses are available in five focal lengths: 8-, 12-, 17-, 23-, and 35-mm models. The fine-focusing and iris adjust control has been improved from earlier versions. The lenses are robust and designed to withstand continuous industrial operation even in harsh environments. They have been optically corrected for imaging of both the visible and near-IR range (400 to 1000 nm) and can be used over the entire spectral sensitivity range of CCD detectors.
Schneider Optics, Hauppauge, NY

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5-W high-power diode laser
A new 500-µm broad-area emitter device rated at 5 W CW has been introduced for integration into a number of direct-diode thermal, medical, and industrial applications as well as a pump source for neodymium-based, diode-pumped solid-state lasers. This new OEM single-stripe diode laser is mounted on an industry-standard 10.5 x 25-mm conduction-cooled package. Spectral width is typically less than 2.5 nm, FWHM, and beam divergence is less than 35° by 10°, FWHM.
Coherent, Santa Clara, CA

Short-pulse excimer laser
The ATLEX 500-i has a repetition rate of 500 Hz and average power of up to 8 W at 248 nm. The laser is based upon a proprietary, patented ultrafast "preion" discharge technology. The laser vessel has all-ceramic construction for reliable operation and reduced operating costs. The ATLEX 500-i is designed for industrial (micromachining), medical, and scientific applications.
ATL Lasertechnik, Wermeiskichen, Germany

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Machine-vision system
The Checkpoint IV is a packaged machine-vision system that requires no PC. The system combines dedicated vision processing, vision software, and built-in Ethernet communications in a compact, sturdy enclosure. It includes a library of MMX-optimized vision software tools and a Windows-based graphical programming environment. Camera types supported by the system include RS-170, CCIR, and large-format analog cameras.
Cognex, Natick, MA

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Metrology system
The new SmartScope Quest 600 is designed for dimensional metrology of small parts, carriers full of small parts, or parts of up to 24 in. long. The system uses a new TeleStar zoom lens, which is telecentric and has collimated profile (episcopic) illumination that matches the aperture of the optics over its entire 10x range. The Quest 600 has a measurement area of 18 x 24 in. and a load rating of more than 250 lb., accommodating multisensor metrology of large parts.
Optical Gaging Products, Rochester, NY

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Blue laser-diode driver
The EL6250C is a laser-diode driver developed specifically for the violet/blue laser diode. Compared to an equivalent laser using IR or red light, the shorter-wavelength blue laser (440 nm) creates a more concentrated beam of light and a smaller spot size, and is able to store and read more information on the same size compact disc. This product is expected to provide an increase in data storage capability in compact disc and CD-ROM devices and in rewritable technologies such as HDTV-capable DVD and emerging DVR formats. The EL6250C operates from two discrete supply voltages to minimize power consumption.
Elantec, Milpitas, CA

Laser-diode spectrum analyzer
The CDI Laser Diode Spectrum Analyzer uses a proprietary flat-field spectrometer design that provides high spectral resolution over the entire wavelength range. This miniature, low-cost product is offered as a stand-alone unit, PC plug-in card, or board level product for OEM use.
Control Development, South Bend, IN

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Ergonomic viewing tubes
The Axioskop 2 plus, Axioplan 2 imaging upright, and the Axiovert 200 inverted microscopes offer eyepiece tubes, in which the standard binocular head can be adjusted up or down to vary the viewing height within a range of 40 mm while maintaining the interpupillary distance. A variable-angle ergonomic eyepiece-tube option provides a continuous tilt range from 6° to 25°. This allows an erect and true-to-side image. An option on the Axioscop 2 plus microscope is the combination of the variable-angle ergonomic tube with an intermediate tube. This provides an increase in viewing height by a continuously variable range between 62 and 110 mm.
Carl Zeiss, Thornwood, NY

Analog light-detector packages
The P25A and P30A lines of analog detector packages consist of a photomultiplier tube (PMT), transimpedance amplifier, and negative high-voltage supply, all encapsulated within a compact assembly. The packages require low-voltage supplies and are designed as an interface between PMT and amplifier. Frequency response ranges from dc to 100 MHz allow measurement of transient light sources. Applications include laser scanning and electron microscopy.
Electron Tubes Ltd., Middlesex, England

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PCI camera link frame-grabber
The EureCard GrabLink Value is a low-cost PCI camera link frame-grabber for industrial inspection of high-speed moving objects, web inspection, or high-resolution acquisition. The system supports one line or area-scan Camera Link cameras in base configurations: single-tap (8 to 16 bits); dual-tap (8 to 12 bits); and RGB (3 x 8 bits). It has an acquisition rate of up to 24 bits at a maximum of 66 MHz. The system includes one DB9 connector for trigger and strobe lines and a 16-MB frame buffer.
Euresys, Dallas, TX

Photomultiplier-tube assembly
The H7260 HV input-pin-type and H7260A HV input-cable-type multianode photomultiplier-tube assemblies feature multianode 32-channel linear arrays, 0.8 x 7 mm anode, and 1-mm channel pitch. The assemblies offer a high-speed response, low crosstalk (typically 3%), and have a built-in voltage divider circuit.
Hamamatsu, Shizuoka-ken, Japan

Femtosecond filter
The new Laser-Gard Femtosecond Filter protects at both narrow and broad wavelengths: 400 to 532 nm has an OD >4.9; 750 to 850 nm has an OD >3.8. The filter is available in many standard sizes and is ANSI Z136.1 certified and CE/EN207 approved.
GPT Glendale, Lakeland, FL

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Variable attenuator connector
The VAC is a shock- and vibration-resistant, field-installable variable attenuator connector. The VAC has a 0 to >30-dB typical attenuation range, an insertion loss of 0.25-db typical, and back reflection of <-60 dB (APC version). The connector has tensile loading of >20 lb, durability >500 cycles, and thermal stability of <0.003 db/°C. They are MM- and SM-compatible and are also compatible with standard hand- and machine-polishing equipment as well as standard adapters and connectors.
Johanson Fiber Optics Group, Boonton, NJ

Die lasers
The DiNY series of lasers has added two new lasers. The compact DiNY pQ has MW peak power at high pulse energies (1064, 532, and 355 nm). The DiNY cwQ (IR and green) achieves 50-W multimode and 8-W TEM00 with high pulse-to-pulse stability. A graphical front-panel display enables access to all laser parameters. Applications include material processing, medical treatment, and academic and industrial &D.
IBL Innovative Berlin Laser AG, Berlin, Germany

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Positioning tables
Precision positioning tables are available for cleanroom applications. Standard IDC precision tables are available for up to Class 1000 requirements. For more stringent requirements, standard class 100 cleanroom-prepared tables remove or replace standard seals, bellows, wipers, and particle-generating components. Only nonoxide or stainless-steel hardware is used as well as cleanroom-compatible lubricants.
Industrial Devices, Petaluma, CA

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Industrial gauging sensors
The Class II LMI Selcom SLS 7000 Specular Reflective Sensor has a 250-nm resolution over a 1-mm measurement range, 16-kHz sample rate (using a patented "Fast Light Control Circuit"), and has a small 10- to 20-µm visible laser spot allowing the profiling of intricate target structures such as tiny cracks and grooves. A built-in digital processor for data averaging and filtering is contained in a separate controller unit that interfaces with the sensor head. Applications include QC of chipboards, motherboards, or semiconductors.
LMI Industrial Sensors Division, Southfield, MI

Glass wafers
Standard glass wafers from 100 to 300 mm in diameter are available in various thicknesses. The wafers are made from borosilicate glass with a CTE adapted to Si and are ready for anodic bonding. They are produced in large lots, are cleanroom-packed, and may be delivered from stock within one day.
Plan Optik, Elsoff, Germany

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Replacement lenses, mirrors, and nozzles for CO2 lasers
Mate Laser Technologies is a full line of replacement lenses, mirrors, and nozzles for CO2 lasers. The line supports Amada, Bystronic, Cincinnati, Finn-Power, Mazak, Mitsubishi, Murata Wiedemann, Strippit/LVD, Salvagnini, and Trumpf CO2 laser-cutting systems. The laser lenses and mirrors are manufactured to ISO 9002 quality requirements using punch-press tooling.
Mate Precision Tooling, Anoka, MN

Adhesives for fiberoptic bonding
New OptiLOC adhesives are designed for fiberoptic bonding applications and include room-temperature and heat-curable epoxies and anaerobic adhesives. The adhesives will bond optical connectors, fibers, lenses, prisms, and other components. Exhibiting low-shrinkage properties, the adhesives provide chemical and solvent resistance and act as an electrical insulator. Applications include use in telecommunications, data linking, and networking.
Loctite, Rocky Hill, CT

Integrated PM-maintaining isolator/tap
Integrated polarization-maintaining (PM) fiberoptic isolator/tap couplers have been introduced for 1550, 1480, 1300 nm, and other wavelengths. Housed in a 5.5-mm OD package, they offer an extinction ratio of >25 dB, loss of <0.8 dB, isolation of >40 dB, and return loss of >55 dB. Various tap ratios are available. The product is available in PM fibers including Panda, Bowtie, and Oval clad.
Micro-Optics, Hackettstown, NJ

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1310-nm SEML
The MTX310EW is a 10-Gbit/s 1310 short-wavelength electroabsorption modulated laser (SEML). This laser combines 1310-nm technology with an EML-based platform instead of traditional EML systems that utilize 1550-nm technology and 1310-nm systems that use DFB modulation. This extends the fiber bandwidth in the S-band.
Multiplex, South Plainfield, NJ

50-dB OTDR module
The Model 4498 OTDR module for the CMA4000 and 8800 portable test-system models has been released. The 50-dB module provides carriers, network installers, and cable companies reduced test time and the ability to test fiber spans of up to 250 km. The module offers APON testing capability using a 1 x 12 or 1 x 30 splitter.
NetTest, Hopkinton, MA

Epoxy adhesive
TRA-BOND F110 is a clear, very low-viscosity epoxy adhesive that can cure at room temperature. It is optically transparent and contains no solvents. The material adheres strongly to glass, ceramics, most metals, and plastics. Uses include fiberoptic assembly, lens and prism assembly, and other applications where a very-thin bond line is required.
Tra-Con, Bedford, MA

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GaAs PINs and PIN arrays
A line of high-speed GaAs PINs and PIN arrays has been introduced for use in 850-nm optical links. The 10G PIN, operating at a 1.5-V bias, has a 40-µm-diameter active area and a typical performance of 0.48-A/W responsivity, 0.28-pF capacitance, and 50-pA dark current. The 3.125G PIN has a 100-µm-diameter active area and has a typical performance of 0.55-A/W responsivity, a 0.45-pF capacitance, and 50-pA dark current. Both devices are available as single element detectors or in 1 x 4 and 1 x 12 array form.
OptoLynx, West Lafayette, IN

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Picosecond diode laser
The Sepia is a new multichannel picosecond-pulsed diode-laser system. Up to eight laser heads can be driven in parallel, either synchronously, delayed, or in a user-defined sequence with up to 80-MHz repetition rate. Laser wavelengths between 395 and 1550 nm are available. Applications include fluorescence spectroscopy, optical tomography, and quantum cryptography.
PicoQuant GmbH, Berlin, Germany

Laser systems for surface interaction
A series of industrial-laser systems emitting IR (1064 nm), visible (532 nm), or UV (355 nm) has been introduced. The lasers use proprietary "Brilliant" technology, a Quantel compact pulsed Nd:YAG laser oscillator. Five available models include 50 and 25 W at 1064 nm, 120 Hz; 10 and 20 W at 532 nm, 120 Hz; and 3 W at 355 nm, 50 Hz.
Quantel, Les Ulis, France

The new C1300 and C1900 series photodetectors have a proprietary gating function and technology that lowers detection limits. The CPM modules are available in 1/3-, 1/2-, and 3/4-in. CPM formats and have high gain and low dark current. The CPMs are optimized for use in low-light applications.
PerkinElmer Optoelectronics, Fremont, CA

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Thermal and photodiode heads
Custom-built thermal and photodiode heads for the OEM market are available with power-measurement ranges from nanowatts to 150 W and pyroelectric heads for energy measurements, measuring from microjoules to Joules. All detector heads offer high damage thresholds.
Ophir Optronics, Danvers, MA

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Blackbody radiation calibration source
The new P310 blackbody radiation calibration source has a 76-mm aperture opening and uses a conductive copper cone-shaped cavity that has an emissivity value of 0.99 or better over its entire temperature range of 0°C to 44°C. The source will provide any temperature between ambient +10°C to 300°C accurately to ±0.25% or reading ±1°C.
Pyrometer Instrument, Northvale, NJ

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Nd:YAG-laser cutting system
QuikLaze-50 is a compact, pulsed, single- or multiwavelength Nd:YAG-laser cutting system designed for microelectronics machining. The system has a repetition rate of 50 Hz and is designed to trim high-frequency gold capacitors and small batches of thick- and thin-film resistors and cut ITO shorts on LCD panels. Models are available with user-selectable wavelengths of 1064, 532, and 355 nm, or 532 and 266 nm.
New Wave Research, Fremont, CA

Hybrid isolator/polarization-beam combiner
The New Focus iPBC hybrid pump combiner is designed specifically for Raman amplifiers and high-powered EDFAs. Using a patent-pending design, the iPBC hybrid performs the dual functionality of a polarization-beam combiner and an isolator with almost twice the efficiency of conventional devices. The new device allows designers to use fewer or lower-power pump lasers for networks with higher capacity and longer reach.
New Focus, San Jose, CA

Mobile image-acquisition software
New NI-IMAQ driver software allows engineers and scientists to analyze and process images in the field from an IEEE 1394-compatible camera on their laptop computers. The software contains a set of VIs and C functions that allow the user to create LabVIEW and Measurement Studio programs. Color image-acquisition rates are 30 frames/s up to 640 x 480 resolution. Higher resolution and faster frame rates are also available.
National Instruments, Austin, TX

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655-nm SMA receptacle laser diode
The 300-0025-01 is a 655-nm laser diode packaged in an SMA receptacle, providing 15-mW typical (20-mW maximum) output power when coupled to a 50-µm multimode fiber. The device has a laser-diode reverse voltage of 2 V, photodiode reverse voltage of 30 V, monitor current of 0.03 mA, operating current of 80 mA, threshold current of 45 mA, operating voltage of 2.4 V, and operating temperature range from -10°C to +60°C. Applications include visible-fault location equipment for fiberoptic cables and scientific equipment.
Photonic Products, Essex, England

Achromatic waveplates
Achromatic waveplates of 400 to 700 nm, 600 to 900 nm, and 700 to 1550 nm are now available. They have an input aperture of 9 mm and a wavefront distortion of <1/4 wave.
Special Optics, Wharton, NJ

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