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Laser beacon experiment added to Gemini Five schedule

Sep 1st, 2005
Th Lfw 40th Red Shadow

September 1965

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Laser beacon experiment added to Gemini Five schedule

Lasers produce large-screen displays

Laser high-speed photography system under development

He-Ne laser wins WESCON ‘Pacemaker’ award

CW ruby Fabry-Perot lasers emit pure transverse modes at high power levels

Digital unit designed for radar/laser rangefinders

Who buys lasers and why

The laser as an industrial tool

Laser microwelding system handles production runs

Laser microprobe analyzes art objects

Metal plasma tube ups ion laser power, life

Laser communications aided by new detector, modulator

More on 10-mile laser voice system

Plasma torch aids crystal growth

Photographic research engineer Matt Lehmann of Stanford University is shown monitoring the operation of a laser movie set used to produce the first live holographic motion pictures. Included in the complex arrangement are a helium-neon laser light source (left background), a lensless camera (the black box immediately in front of Lehmann), mirrors, split laser beams, and a specially designed four-ton stable table.
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