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LED lamps

Th 118306
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TrackLEDs are new MR 16-style LED lamps. The direct incandescent replacement bulbs combine InGaAlP and SiC/GaN LED technology on a standard MR 16 bi-pin base. The lamps draw 0.8 to 4 W of power and have an 11-year operating life. They are available in six sunlight-visible colors.
LEDtronics, Torrance, CA
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Fiberoptic-test instrument

Th 118307
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The M2 Fiber Lab 3200 is a fiber-management package that houses individual spools of fiber providing 1, 2, 4, or 8 dB of real fiber attenuation or up to 25 km in each of four individual attenuation areas. Using standard SC-APC connectors on the front panel, the spools can be connected in series to provide real fiber attenuation to simulate an actual application.
M2 Optics, Los Angeles, CA
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Laser-safety eyewear

Th 118308
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A complete range of Uvex laser-safety eyewear is available with optical densities (OD) from OD 1 to OD 7 that also provide protection against irradiance. The glasses can be regular or prescription in various frame styles, including over-glasses styles. All glasses conform to ANSI Z136.1 and EN guidelines for protection from laser light.
Directed Light, San Jose, CA
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Universal adaptors

Th 118310
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A new series of universal adaptor receptacle packaged laser diodes will accept FC, ST, SC, and most other 2.5-mm diameter ferrule connectors. The adaptors are fitted with a split-sleeve alignment mechanism, allowing >1-dB coupling repeatability. The adaptors are suitable for use by manufacturers of visual fiberoptic fault locators in communications networks.
Photonics Products, Hertfordshire, England
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Programmable motorized stage

Th 118311
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The H107 ProScan programmable motorized stage is designed specifically for the Nikon TE2000 inverted microscope. The stage provides resolutions down to 0.040 µm and repeatability to +1.0 µm. Adjustable limit switches allow the reduction of the travel range to match application requirements. The stage is suitable for specimen holders including slides, petri dishes, well plates, flasks, and haemocytometers.
Prior Scientific, Rockland, MA
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Vison-inspection sensor

Th 118313
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The PresencePLUS Pro is a new camera-based visual-inspection sensor. Designed as an alternative to larger, more complex and expensive systems, the sensor captures images and analyzes them using one or more vision tools to generate judgment results. The system can perform multiple inspections simultaneously and inspects for both translational and rotational variation.
Banner Engineering, Minneapolis, MN
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Frame grabber

Th 118314
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The DT3145 camera link PCI frame grabber is a high-speed digital image acquisition board. It provides area-scan and line-scan capability with 4K × 4K and 16K spatial resolution, respectively. Applications include scientific imaging, image processing and machine vision.
Data Translation, Marlboro, MA
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Optical CMMs

Th 118315
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The K Series optical coordinate measuring machines (CMM) use advanced optical triangulation technology to gather dimensional data. The compact, portable measuring systems combine three CCD cameras in a carbon fiber frame with an LED-driven probing device to measure large parts such as sheet metal assemblies, dies, molds and car bodies in their location on the shop floor.
Brown & Sharpe, North Kingston, RI
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Doppler-velocity interferometer

Th 118316
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The new VISAR (Velocity Interferometer System for Any Reflector) is an all-fiber system with no mirrors, lenses, etalons, free-space beams or alignment required. The system is a unique interferometer capable of detecting Doppler shifts in light reflected from any moving surface with accuracies of 0.1% with sub-ns time resolution. The system includes a laser illuminating source, power supplies and controllers, a fiber-coupled optical probe systems, 10-GHz photodetectors, manual and data analysis software.
Martin, Froeschner & Associates, Livermore, CA
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Megapixel camera

The TMC-1020-30 camera is a color, digital megapixel 1K × 1K camera with a frame rate of 30 frames/s. It utilizes a patent-pending Look-Up Table (LUT) that allows the user to adjust the saturation level. The camera uses a Bayer color filter array (CFA) as its standard primary color filter. A 1008 (H) × 1018 (V) interline transfer CCD permits full vertical and horizontal resolution of high-speed shuttered images.
PULNiX, Sunnyvale, CA
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Laser Doppler-velocity sensors

Th 118317
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The P-50Z and P20Z are compact, laser Doppler-velocity (LDV) sensors that provide noncontact velocity measurements of moving or rotating objects in in-line manufacturing processes. The P-50Z has a velocity range of -50 to 5000 mm/s and the P-20Z has a velocity range of -12 to 120 m/min. Both systems use a 680-nm semiconductor-based laser with dual convergent beams to provide reflectivity as low as 20%.
Canon USA, Lake Success, NY
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OPTOCAST 3410 GEN 2 is a UV and/or heat curable epoxy that cures rapidly when exposed to UV light in the 320 to 380-nm range. The epoxy has a maximum ionic content of 10-ppm total Na+, K+ and Cl-. It features <6% linear shrinkage upon cure and is suitable for fixturing and aligning optical devices with <1-µm movement throughout its service life.
Electronic Materials, Breckenridge, CO
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Transmitter optical subassemblies

Th 118318
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The NX8310UA, NX8311UD, and NX8312UD are miniature Fabry-Perot laser-based transmitter optical subassemblies (TOSA). They are designed to reduce the size, simplify the assembly and minimize production costs of SFF and SFP transceiver modules. Designed for SONET applications, the new series uses DFB lasers in the TOSAs.
California Eastern Laboratories, Santa Clara, CA
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X-ray microscope

Th 118320
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The X-ray Ultra Microscope (XuM) provides nondestructive, submicron x-ray imaging of optically opaque objects including embedded defects in modern VLSI semiconductor devices, plastics, metals, composites and biological materials. This accessory for scanning electron microscopes uses an electron beam to generate x-rays for transmission through a sample and can obtain images at a spatial resolution down to 100 nm.
EDAX, Mahwah, NJ
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CO2 slab laser

Th 118321
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The new DC 050 W is a CO2 diffusion-cooled slab laser with an average output power of 5 W. It has a beam quality of K ≥0.9 to provide narrow, deep seams with minimal heat distortion. Based on patented CO2 slab laser technology, the laser requires no gas circulation and has a single diamond window as its transmitting lens. The laser is designed for welding applications.
Rofin, Hamburg, Germany
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InGaAs PIN photodiodes

Th 118322
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The EFD Series of high-speed InGaAs PIN photodiodes comes in a standard TO-46 metal can package or is available in plastic or metallic ST-type receptacles. The series has a dark current with a typical range from 0.1 to 0.3 nA (VR = 5 V), sensitive areas range from 0.025 to 3 mm, responsivity of 0.9 A/W (VR = 5 V, l = 1300 nm) and a typical bandwidth of 1.5 GHz.
Elekon Industries, Torrance, CA
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Nd:YAG laser systems

Th 118324
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The JK401 and JK501 laser processing systems are specifically designed for industrial precision welding and high-speed cutting of metallic materials. The systems offer 400 or 500 W peak power, enhanced by patent-pending laser power SuperModulation technology, which momentarily doubles the laser's output intensity.
GSI Lumonics, Farmington Hills, MI
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Violet diode-laser system

Th 118325
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The new 56 ICS 222 CleanBeam are a series of compact, violet diode-laser systems. These gas-laser systems are available with up to 6 mW of output at 405 nm or 1 mW of output at 440 nm. The systems are designed for use in laser-induced fluorescence metrology applications.
Melles Griot Electro-Optics Group, Longmont, CO
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Stepping motor controller

Th 118327
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The VXM is a stepping motor controller with preset pulse width modulation and 4× oversize motor drives for long life and overload tolerance. The compact unit is available in two versions for one or two motors. A single control can accept and execute commands for operating four motors, running one at a time.
Velmex, Bloomfield, NY
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UV-blocking filter

Th 118328
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The UV Guard is a new zero-shift UV-blocking filter designed to increase lifetime and color stability of microdisplay-based projectors. The filter utilizes a patented sputtering technology to eliminate shifts of the spectral curves, which increase UV loads and limit the lifetime of UV sensitive components and affect the color balance.
Unaxis Balzers, Balzers, Liechtenstein
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InGaAs detector

Th 118329
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A new, thermoelectrically cooled model of the OMA V detector for NIR spectroscopy applications is now available. The new design offers cooling of a 512 x 1 InGaAs photodiode array between +20ºC and -50ºC, with sensitivity from 0.8 to 1.7 µm at a 1-MHz scan rate.
Roper Scientific, Tucson, AZ
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CIS chip

Th 118330
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The PI6045 is a 600-dpi contact image sensor (CIS) designed specifically to accommodate sequential cascading of multiple sensors using chip-on-board technology. Each chip consists of 344 detector elements, associated multiplexing switches, buffers, in-chip output amplifier, and parallel transfer features that are combined using active pixel-sensor CMOS processing. The detector-to-element spacing is approximately 42.3 µm.
Peripheral Imaging, San Jose, CA
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Pulse energy head

Th 118331
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The new model PE50HD pyroelectric head is designed for energy measurement of high-energy excimer lasers. The head features a high damage threshold coating for 193-nm radiation and is calibrated for 157 nm and 10.6 µm. It offers maximum average power of 15 W with a maximum average power density of 10 W/cm2.
Ophir Optronics, Danvers, MA
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Dual-mode laser driver

Th 118332
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The LDA1-CP1-S/D laser driver provides laser constant current control, laser current monitoring, laser constant power control, laser power monitoring, control-loop stability indication and shut-down functions. It provides a 2.5V reference voltage. The driver is packaged in a metal enclosure measuring 25.4 × 20 × 4.5 mm.
Analog Technologies, Farmington Hills, MI
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Code-inspection system

An online RSS (Reduced Space Symbology)-14 code-inspection system for unidose packages in the pharmaceutical industry has been developed by Coreco Imaging and Micron PharmaWorks. This machine-vision-based system supports customized software for decoding the RSS-14 high-density barcodes.
IPD, Billerica, MA
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Hybridized detector array

Th 118333
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A new, 100-element, hybridized, linear photodiode array utilizes a proprietary opaque polymer coating process to create a mask which blocks any light outside the pixels, seeking to improve spatial fidelity and spatial resolution compared to conventional products. The array is directly hybridized with 1-MΩ gain transimpedance amplifiers and mounted on a single printed circuit board.
Advanced Photonix, Camarillo, CA
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Tunable laser

Th 118334
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The Swept X rapid-sweep tunable-laser system tunes through 40 nm in 2.5 s. This precise control of the laser wavelength and stability allows measurement resolution of 1 pm.

The system includes integrated wavelength and power meters and is designed for measurement of passive optical performance.
Santec, Komaki, Japan
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