The X-EMA high-speed digital camera for airborne, ballistics, and harsh industrial applications is shockproof up to 100 G/15 ms/3 axes.

Th 0708lfwaostechsilo

Digital camera

Th 0708lfwaostechsilo
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The X-EMA high-speed digital camera for airborne, ballistics, and harsh industrial applications is shockproof up to 100 G/15 ms/3 axes. It has 1.3-megapixel resolution at 500 frames/s and works at up to 32,000 frames/s at reduced resolutions. Models are either 30-bit color or 10-bit monochrome with memory of 1.3, 2.6, or 5.2 GB DRAM.
AOS Technologies, Baden, Switzerland
[email protected]

Diode-laser bars

Th 0708lfwcoherent
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PulseLife Horizontal Arrays are diode-laser packages that come in two-bar or three-bar linear arrays, with respective outputs of 80 and 120 W at 808 nm. They use a macrochannel cooling architecture that allows use of plain, filtered (less than 100 µm) industrial cooling water for a simplified cooling system. The heat sink is electrically isolated for integration into solid-state laser pumping applications.
Coherent, Santa Clara, CA
[email protected]

Vibration isolation

Th 0708lfwhalcyonics
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A benchtop vibration-isolation system comes with external control electronics for use with applications that are sensitive to temperature and electromagnetic fields. Four connectors on the read side lead to an external control box, which contains all heat-creating components, including the power supply, power amplifiers, automatic load-adjustment PCB, and USB interface.
Halcyonics, Goettingen, Germany
[email protected]

Sapphire waveplates

Th 255154
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Custom-made sapphire waveplates are a durable, chemically resistant replacement for single-crystal quartz or mica in the visible and near-IR. They come in half- and quarter-wave configurations for changing the polarization of a beam transmitting at 2.8 to 4.7 µm. They are available from 10 to 25.4 mm in diameter with AR-V coatings.
Meller Optics, Providence, RI
[email protected]

Automated metrology system

Th 0707lfwsuss
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The SDM200 is an automated metrology system for double-sided alignment and exposure applications used in the manufacture of MEMS devices, semiconductors, and optoelectronics. The system uses pattern-recognition technology for an accuracy of 0.2 µm at 3 sigma. It is designed for verifying alignment accuracy on wafers from 2 in. to 200 mm.
SUSS MicroTec, Munich, Germany

Specular reflectance accessories

Th 0707lfwthermo
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New specular reflectance accessories are used with the Evolution 300 and 600 UV-VIS spectrophotometers. They can measure the specular reflectance of mirror-like or glossy surfaces. The VN Abosolute Specular accessory provides absolute, single-bounce measurements at 10° angle of incidence. Fixed-angle specular reflectance and variable-angle reflectance accessories are available.
Thermo Fisher Scientific, Madison, WI
[email protected]

Optical-time-domain reflectometer

The AQ7270 optical-time-domain reflectometer (OTDR) measures optical-fiber lengths and losses and identifies failure locations. The instrument uses a newly developed optical component and is designed for optical-fiber installation tasks, including construction of access networks and user networks.
Yokogawa, Newnan, GA
[email protected]

Metallized lenses

Lenses can be delivered with metallized assembly surfaces to provide a soldered connection for the collimation optics of high-power diode lasers. The surfaces provide long-term stability for optics in applications with high acceleration forces, and eliminates the aging and outgassing effects of adhesives.
LIMO, Dortmund, Germany
[email protected]


Th 0708lfwaculight
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The Argos single-frequency, continuous-wave optical parametric oscillator provides widely tunable near- to mid-IR output for applications such as photoacoustic and cavity-ringdown spectroscopy for trace-gas detection. The fiber-pumped OPO provides continuous tuning from 1.4 to 2 µm and from 2.4 to 3.9 µm with power between 1 and 5 W and linewidth as low as 60 kHz.
Aculight, Bothel, WA
[email protected]

Air-bearing stages

Th 0708lfwaerotech
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The ABRT series of rotary air-bearing stages provides 360° continuous travel with resolution to 0.027 arcs and a payload capacity up to 69 kg. Asynchronous measurement for axial and radial error motion is less than 20 nm and less than 0.04 arcs for tilt error motion. The stages provide clear apertures up to 50 mm in diameter.
Aerotech, Pittsburgh, PA
[email protected]

GaAs photodiodes

Th 0708lfwalbis
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A GaAs photodiode array for use in quad small-form-factor pluggable optical transceivers provides bandwidth of 5 Gbit/s per channel. Each optical aperture has a diameter of 100 µm for ease of optical alignment. Capacitance is 400 fF at bias voltages of 3V. The chip is designed for both wire bonding and flip-chip soldering. Four-, eight-, and 12-channel versions are available.
Albis Optoelectronics, Zurich, Switzerland
[email protected]


Th 0708lfwapollodisplay
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Thin-film-transister liquid-crystal dispays with VGA and XGA resolution are backlit by LED rails that are addressable via the company’s PRISMA II industrial controller board, which can switch between day and night modes. The setup eliminates filters bonded to the outside of the display. The system can be used in NVIS applications such as displays in aircraft cockpits, tanks, trucks, and communications equipment.
Apollo Display Technologies, Ronkonkoma, NY
[email protected]

EP-NIR analyzer

Th 0708lfwaspectrics
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The MultiComponent 2750 encoded photometric near-infrared spectroscopic analyzer performs quality-assurance measurements of biofuels. It can measure methanol, water, and glycerin in biodiesel, and water content in ethanol. It can process multiple samples at a rate of 100 scans/s and is ruggedized for integration into biofuel production facilities.
Aspectrics, Pleasanton, CA
[email protected]

Laser-diode bar

The VHB very-high-brightness laser-diode bar has output of 80 W and is 3.6 mm wide. It has a bar smile of less than 1 µm for efficient beam shaping, and is designed for efficient beam shaping and use in direct-diode and fiber delivery systems in industrial metal processing.
Bookham, San Jose, CA
[email protected]

Quantum-cascade lasers

Pulsed, monochromatic, near-room-temperature quantum-cascade lasers from Alpes Lasers and Cascade Technologies can tune to and through their designated wavelengths with more than 2 mW power. The lasers are designed for gas sensing at low gas concentrations and are available at gas-specific wavelengths ranging from 4.42 to 11.49 µm, with custom wavelengths also possible.
Boston Electronics, Brookline, MA
[email protected]

Part sensors

The Checker 200 Series inspection sensors can inspect more than 6000 parts per minute and is compact to fit into small spaces. The sensors can inspect multiple features on a part and track parts despite variations in positioning.
Cognex, Natick, MA
[email protected]

Machine vision

Th 0708lfwdalsa
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The IPD VA3X machine-vision appliances are housed in compact, DIN-mountable enclosures for quick set-up, and support one or two cameras with a choice of sensor resolution. The VA30 comes with the company’s iNspect software and the VA31 also has Sherlock machine-vision software, for use in different applications. The devices have industrial-grade I/O and external connections.
DALSA, Billerica, MA
[email protected]

LED test system

Th 0708lfwedmund
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The MLED modular LED test and measurement system provides complete spectral measurements in compliance with CIQ-127 design requirements. It acquires data through the built-in USB port and provides spectral, power, lumens, purity, and peak dominant-wavelength information. It has a 2048-element CCD spectrometer, internal calibration lamp with power supply, and three calibrated neutral-density filters.
Edmund Optics, Barrington, NJ
[email protected]

IR camera

Th 0708lfwelectrophysics
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The Silver 660M infrared camera is based on a 640 × 512 InSb detector with sensitivity better than 20 mK, spectral response from 3 to 5 µm, and 14-bit dynamic range. It has a programmable frame rate of 1 to 100 Hz in full-frame format, with faster rates available using windowing modes. Integration time is adjustable in 1 µs increments.
Electrophysics, Fairfield, NJ
[email protected]

Superluminescent LEDs

Th 0708lfwexalos
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The EXS5205-8111 superluminescent LEDs have output powers of 0.4 mW in a single-mode fiber, with a 60 nm 3 dB spectral bandwidth centered at 1520 nm. The standard product comes in a TOSA housing with monitor diode and FC/APC, and devices are also available in TO-56 housing. The LEDs are Bellcore GR-468-CORE qualified.
Exalos, Schlieren, Switzerland
[email protected]

IR test bench

The BIRD optical bench for characterizing infrared detectors is equipped with a 16-channel acquisition unit for testing all IR detectors on the market. The universal test bench is compatible with staring arrays, linear arrays, or single-element detectors. It includes a bias-voltage generator and new software for remote control of the sources.
HGH Systèmes Infrarouges, Igny, France
[email protected]

Confocal/AFM microscope

A system combines the company’s advanced confocal microscope and an atomic-force microscope made by Karma Technology on one platform. The combined device is designed for 3-D metrology applications in semiconductor manufacturing and research. It is able to accommodate wafers up to 12 in. in diameter and have a replaceable probe module.
Hyphenated Systems, Burlingame, CA
[email protected]

Wafer repair

Th 0708lfwjpsa
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The IX-70 ChromAblate on-target inspection and short deletion system is a laser-based materials-processing system for repair of flat-panel displays, microcircuits, and wafers. It can be configured with IR, visible, or UV sources to process materials from metals to polymers. It has an adjustable attenuator, adjustable aperture for projecting shapes, and an optional mask-indexing wheel.
J.P. Sercel Associates, Hollis, NH

NIR diode

Th 0708lfwlasercomp
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The ADL85501TL semiconductor laser diode has output of 50 mW at 850 nm. Typical power consumption is 75 mA. Operating temperature ranges from -10°C to 50°C. It comes in an industry-standard 5.6 mm housing with a monitor diode included. A rise time of less than 1 ns makes it suitable for fast sensor applications, data transmission, and night vision.
Laser Components, Hudson, NH
[email protected]

Laser-design software

Version 4.0 of Liekki Application Designer is a software tool for simulating and optimizing fiber amplifiers, amplified-spontaneous-emission sources, and fiber-laser systems. It now includes wizards for Er-doped fiber amplifiers, Yt-doped lasers and amplifiers, and ASE sources. It includes multimode analysis of coiled fibers and adds an optimization tool.
Liekki, Lohja, Finland

LED driver

The LT3496 2-MHz DC/DC converter can drive up to eight 500 mA LEDs in series on each of its three channels at efficiencies of up to 96 percent. The channels are operated by independent True Color PWM signals for dimming ratios up to 3000:1. A pin allows users to program the frequency between 330 kHz and 2.1 MHz.
Linear Technology, Milpitas, CA
[email protected]

High-power diode

The LU0940U013 laser chip provides maximum optical peak power of 25 W at 940 nm in pulsed mode or 13 W in CW operation from a single 190 µm emitter. The chip is built on a high-heat-load U-mount and features a quantum-well MBE structure. Versions with emitters 45 and 95 µm in size and wavelengths of 808, 915, and 975 nm are also available.
Lumics, Berlin, Germany
[email protected]

Telecentric lenses

Th 0708lfwnavitar
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Double-sided telecentric lenses have object and image-space telecentricity that produces more-accurate images than a single-sided lens. They are designed to work with CCD and CMOS sensors up to 28.7 mm diagonal, and are available in magnifications of 0.03× to 2× and 0.239× to 0.478× for large-format cameras.
Navitar, Rochester, NY
[email protected]

Picosecond UV laser

Th 0708lfwnewportpantera
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The Pantera diode-pumped, solid-state laser uses a fiber-amplifier platform to deliver 12 W of stabilized UV power at 355 nm. It provides picosecond pulses at a repetition rate of 80 MHz with excellent TEM00 mode quality. It is powered by fiber-coupled, hermetically sealed diodes, and resists mechanical misalignment, making it suitable for industrial applications.
Newport, Spectra-Physics Laser Division, Irvine, CA
[email protected]

Night-vision filter

The NightVision filter allows active night-vision systems to exploit near-IR wavelengths and block visible light without red-illumination interference. The filter, produced by sputtering, exceeds 90% efficiency and reduces unwanted residual light from an IR headlight by a factor of 1000. It is designed for use in automotive night-vision systems.
Oerlikon Optics, Balzers, Lichtenstein
[email protected]

Laser stripping system

Th 0708lfwozoptics
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A benchtop laser system for stripping and cleaving optical fibers is fully automated and computer-controlled, and is designed to improve yield and reduce waste in manufacturing. A CO2 laser strips and cleaves up to 100 regular or ribbon fibers simultaneously and can strip materials including acrylate, polyamide, and Teflon. It can cleave photonic-crystal fibers.
OZ Optics, Ottawa, Ont., Canada
[email protected]

Pyroelectric IR sensors

The DigiPyro Triple Channel PYQ 2898 digital pyroelectric IR sensor is designed for use in home and industrial motion-detection applications. It has a two pairs of elements representing two channels and a temperature reference channel, providing more information to the hosting microprocessor. The design avoids the components necessary for analog signal processing.
PerkinElmer Optoelectronics, Fremont, CA
[email protected]

Vision camera

Th 0708lfwprosilica
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The GC750 Gigabit Ethernet camera uses a progressive-scan CMOS sensor with global electronic shutter for capturing high-speed events. It runs at 60 frames/s at 752 × 480 resolution over a Gigabit Ethernet interface. It is available in both monochrome and color models supporting 8- and 10-bit formats. It includes external trigger and sync I/O and an RS232 port.
Prosilica, Vancouver, BC, Canada
[email protected]

Surveillance lens

Th 0708lfwresolve
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The 230-000 Series surveillance lens comes with a camera-mount adapter for mounting on most remote-head cameras. It has a diameter of 4.5 to 8.5 mm in a conical shape and is 46.5 mm long. The f/5.6 lens produces images with resolution of 400 TV lines with little distortion over its 74° field of view.
Resolve Optics, Chesham, Buckinghamshire, England
[email protected]

Laser dichroic filters

Th 0708lfwsemrock
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The RazorEdge dichroic beamsplitters reflect a standard laser wavelength incident at 45° while passing a broad band of longer Raman-shifted wavelengths. The transition from laser line to passband is less than 1% of the laser wavelength, regardless of polarization. They are available for standard laser wavelengths and have a dense, hard dielectric optical coating for a high laser-damage threshold.
Semrock, Rochester, NY
[email protected]

SWIR cameras

Th 0708lfwsensorsunlimited
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The SU320KTSW-1.7RT and U320KTSWVis-1.7RT short-range IR windowing cameras are built from InGaAs and cover the SWIR region from 900 to 1700 nm, with the second model extending into the visible down to 400 nm. The solid-state cameras have a 320 × 256-pixel format on a 25 µm pitch and operate at less than 20 W at 20°C.
Sensors Unlimited, Goodrich, Princeton, NJ
[email protected]

Optical TRAP detectors

Th 0708lfwspectrumdetector
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Silicon TRAP detectors have a useful range of 0.2 to 1 µm with calibration uncertainty of less than 1% from 450 to 960 nm. They are designed to handle collimated or divergent sources from picowatts to milliwatts. Pyroelectric detectors use a thermal detector and broadband mirror in a wedge configuration to ensure flat spectral response from 100 nm to more than 100 µm.
Spectrum Detector, Lake Oswego, OR
[email protected]

Fly’s eye condenser

Th 0708lfwsussmicrooptics
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The Flat-Top 5 fly’s eye condenser provides excellent uniformity, is wavelength independent from 193 nm to 2.7 µm, and can be optimized with antireflection coating. It can be used for flattop generation, as well as the generation of spot patterns, line patterns, and single lines. Applications include illumination systems, microscopy, high-power laser applications for laser micromanufacturing, or as pump optics for longitudinal pumped solid-state lasers.
SUSS MicroOptics, Neuchâtel, Switzerland
[email protected]

O/E converter

Th 0708lfwterahertztech
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The TIA952 O/E converter has a maximum linear output power of 2 mW. The electrical bandwidth exceeds 800 MHz at the low-gain setting and 300 MHz in high-gain mode. It has a large-area InGaAs detector, comes with an ST- or FC-style fiber-optic interface and a universal power supply, and works with any oscilloscope with a BNC input connector.
Terahertz Technologies, Oriskany, NY
[email protected]

Time-to-digital chip

The TDC-GPX time-to-digital converter chip from Acam-Messelectronic has resolution as low as 10 ps and a measurement range up to 40 µs, translating to measurement accuracy of ± 1 mm rms to a range of 1500 m, with peak-to-peak 70 ps (±5 mm). A peak pulse rate of 182 MHz makes it suitable for 3-D laser scanners that require high sampling rates and single-shot resolution.
Transducers Direct, Miamiville, OH
[email protected]

Photon-counting APDs

Ultra-low-noise infrared linear-mode avalanche photodiodes are made from InAlGaAs with designed heterojunctions that reduce the noise to k = 0.02. They can be coupled to low-noise amplifiers for linear-mode photon counting. They have an excess noise factor of F = 2.3 at a gain of M = 20. Cooling reduces the dark-count rate.
Voxtel, Beaverton, OR
[email protected]

Holographic gratings

HD 1800 1 mm volume-phase holographic transmission gratings are designed for optical-coherence tomography and other applications. They are centered at 840 nm and have peak diffraction efficiencies of better than 80% to conserve light for broadband applications. They are protected between two pieces of glass so they can be cleaned similarly to AR-coated lenses.
Wasatch Photonics, Logan, UT
[email protected]


The Shamrock SR-500 and SR-750 spectrographs include the company’s Solis software to let the user control wavelength and calibration, grating, shutter speed, and filter. The SR-500 has an aperture of f/6.5, reciprocal dispersion of 1.7 nm/mm, and wavelength resolution of 0.05 nm. The values for the SR-750 are f/9.8, 1.1 nm/mm, and 0.03 nm. Each has a 28 × 14 mm focal plane.
Andor Technology, Belfast, Northern Ireland
[email protected]

Light source

Th 0708lfwavantes
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The AvaLight DH-BAL balanced deuterium/halogen light source for the company’s spectrometers eliminates the D-alpha line at 655 nm. Intensity of the halogen portion of the spectrum can be adjusted for particular applications. A shutter can be operated manually or via TTL. The light source can be used from 250 to 2500 nm, and is also available as a deuterium-only source.
Avantes, Eerbeek, The Netherlands
[email protected]

Camera control

Th 0708lfwbasler
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Version 1.0 of the Pylon Driver camera-control package includes both a GigE Vision and IEEE 1394 interface. A unified C++ camera API allows all cameras to be controlled with a single set of commands. The package includes performance, filter, and DMA drivers with low resource requirements, as well as an intuitive viewer, MS DirectX interface, and several sample programs.
Basler Vision Technologies, Ahrensburg, Germany
[email protected]

Data logger

The DataTaker DT85 data logger allows up to 32 isolated or 48 common referenced analog inputs. It provides regulated 12 VDC output and has universal digital-I/O and smart-sensor ports. It supports USB memory sticks, Modbus for SCADA, Ethernet, WEB, FTP, and multiple SDI-12 sensor networks.
Computer Aided Solutions, Chesterland, OH

Fiber-coupled diode lasers

Th 0708lfwdilas
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A series of 400 µm fiber-coupled diode-laser modules covers wavelengths of 1380 and 1470 nm, with output power from 12 to 80 W. The fibers have a standard numerical aperture of 0.22. The laser bars come in a sealed housing with a standard SMA 905 fiber connector.
Dilas, Mainz, Germany
[email protected]

Voice-coil stages

Th 0708lfwequipsol Toc
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VCS-10H voice-coil stages can be used as a horizontal or vertical axis and have 150 nm positioning resolution. They provide 10 mm of travel and 200 nm repeatability with an integrated noncontact optical and/or digital position feedback sensor. They measure 33 × 76 × 31.8 mm and use ±12 to ±24 VDC.
Equipment Solutions, Sunnyvale, CA
[email protected]


Th 0708lfwfei
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The Phenom microscope is designed to cover the space between optical and scanning-electron microscopes. It has magnification from 20× to 20,000× with digital zoom of 12×. Maximum image resolution is 2048 × 2048 pixels. Sample loading time is less than 30 seconds. Total weight is 55 kg. The device provides motorized sample control.
FEI, Hillsboro, OR

VCSEL sensors

Two VCSEL-based reflective sensors are designed for a range of high-volume industrial and commercial applications requiring transmissive, photoreflective, absorptive, and scattering sensing. The HVS6003-001 comes in a TO can with integral lens and emits at 850 nm. The HVS6003-002 comes in a surface-mountable lead-frame package and doesn’t use a lens.
Finisar, Sunnyvale, CA

Gain chip

Th 0708lfwinnolume
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The GC-1200 gain chip has typical output power of 200 mW and a tuning range of 160 nm centered at about 1200 nm. It is supplied as a chip on a submount, and is designed for both tunable laser systems and narrow-linewidth applications. Customized versions are available.
Innolume, Dortmund, Germany
[email protected]


The Top-Hat beam-shaper is optimized for use with a 2940 nm laser. It accepts a 4 mm Gaussian beam and creates a 200 µm diameter spot at a working distance of 80 mm. The substrate is an 11-mm-diameter sapphire disk.
Laser Components, Chelmsford, Essex, England
[email protected]

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