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Feb. 1, 2004
Femtosecond oscillators; Optical-design software; Integrating spheres; MORE...

Femtosecond oscillators

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The t-Pulse series of diode-pumped femtosecond laser oscillators from Amplitude Systems offer energies up to 0.2 µJ/pulse. The lasers are made from ytterbium-doped materials that can be directly diode pumped without additional green lasers. Standard configurations include the t-Pulse-20, with 20-nJ, 200-fs pulses at 50 MHz, the 100 with 100-nJ, 300-fs pulses at 10 MHz, and the 200 with 200-nJ, 400-fs pulses at 10 MHz.
Pro-Lite Technology, Milton Keynes, England

Optical-design software

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Version 9.4 of CODE V optical-design software contains a new interactive 3-D viewing feature that allows users to create detailed 3-D renderings of an optical system that can be rotated, panned, and zoomed. Surface properties in the model can be viewed and changed with a mouse click. The new version also adds STEP, SAT, and enhanced IGES file export capabilities for sharing data with CAD solid modeling programs, for use with complex optical assemblies.
Optical Research Associates, Pasadena, CA

Integrating spheres

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A series of integrating spheres for infrared measurement applications have ZenithGold electrochemically plated gold surfaces. The surface has diffuse reflectance values of approximately 94% to 96% from 850 nm to 20 µm. The spheres come in sizes from 1 to 20 in. in diameter, and all have multiple ports and a selection of port plugs, port reducers, light traps, and detector adapters. They are also available in turnkey and custom-designed infrared sphere systems.
SphereOptics Hoffman, Contoocook, NH

Line-scan cameras

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The PIRANHA2 line-scan cameras have two 8- or 10-bit selectable outputs at 30 MHz per tap to deliver 60-MHz throughput. They are available in resolutions of 1024, 2048, and 4096. They offer programmable pixel-to-pixel correction, integration time, line rate, gain, offset, bit depth, test pattern, and diagnostics. They include a high-speed Camera Link serial output and offer embedded flat-field correction. They measure 50 × 85 × 50 mm.
DALSA, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

Laser marker

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The Verascribe VL series of vanadate diode-laser markers is designed for laser engraving for metal marking and product coding. The lasers come in powers of 10, 20, and 50 W, with field sizes from 70 to 280 mm2, and spot sizes from 22 to 60 mm. They are compatible with laser-marking software.
Alase Technologies, Pepperell, MA

Optical fuse

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An optical fuse from KiloLambda is a passive component that can be placed at either the input of a sensitive device or the output of a high-power device.

It has a response time less than 5 µs, operates in the C- and L-bands with standard single-mode fiber, and comes in a fiber-pigtailed design.
AMS Technologies, Munich, Germany

Frame grabber

The MVS-8501 frame grabber is designed for high-speed analog cameras using progressive-scan CCDs. The half-slot device is PCI 2.31 compliant. It has an 8 MB FIFO and uses a 32-bit, 33-MHz bus architecture. It has independent direct memory access, which allows images to be processed while more are being captured.
Cognex, Natick, MA

Machine-vision tools

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New software tools have been added to Sapera Processing machine-vision software. The program now includes blob analysis routines that measure up to 60 spatial and gray-scale characteristics of a blob. An OCR reader supports solid, dot matrix, and user-trainable font sets. A new gauging tool is also planned.
Coreco Imaging, St. Laurent, Quebec, Canada

Product guide

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A new product guide lists electronic test and measurement equipment available for leasing. It includes equipment from 174 manufacturers, such as Agilent, Tektronix, Anritsu, NetTest, and Sony. It also has white papers on signal analysis and data acquisition.
Electro Rent Corp., Van Nuys, CA

Silicon detector/filter

A homogeneous silicon detector/filter is designed for applications in which near-infrared wavelengths are not wanted. It exhibits sharp cutoff at 700 nm. Filter coating layers are deposited directly onto the chip during the wafer process, and there are no separate external filters. The chip is available in a variety of sizes and packages.
Centrovision, Newbury Park, CA

Digital-capture card

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The CompuScope 3200C digital-capture card has 100-MHz digital capture for 32-bit-wide words, external clock and trigger capabilities, on-board acquisition memory of 2 MB, software for creating and editing digital patterns, and software development kits for C, C++, MATLAB, LabVIEW, and LabWindows/CVI. It comes in a single-slot, 6U Compact PCI/PXI format.
Gage Applied Technologies, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Multichannel optometer

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The P-9801 optometer provides eight-channel parallel signal processing for a range of radiometric, photometric, and colorimetric applications that require fast multiple detection. Reading from up to eight detectors can be displayed with a slew rate between 2 and 10 ms. An RS232 interface allows automated data processing and remote control.
Gigahertz-Optik, Newburyport, MA

Video camera

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Based on a sensor from Silicon Video, the ISG QuadHDTV camera uses a CMOS image sensor with 3840 × 2160 pixels, running at 30 frames/s, with 24-bit color. It has four SMPTE 292 outputs for standard video recording capabilities and four DVI outputs for display. It has a 9.2-million-pixel flat-panel display.
Imaging Solutions Group of New York, Fairport, NY


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The LDS electronic autocollimator provides noncontact angular measurement and alignment. It has a 2-kHz analog output option for vibration analysis. It has a field of view of ±2000 µrad and ±7 arcmin and ..delivers angularmeasurements up to 20 m from with optical head with better than 2% linearity.
Newport, Irvine, CA


The Ultra Compact EDFA has a footprint similar to typical semiconductor optical amplifiers. It measures 30 × 50 × 8 mm and is built to Telecordia GR-1312 specifications. It operates from 1528 to 1562 nm with a maximum noise figure of 7 dB. Input optical power range is from -10 to 0 dBm, and total output power is from 8 to 12 dBm.
Lightwaves2020, Milpitas, CA

Waveform digitizer

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A PC-based waveform digitizer, ATS850, is an 8-bit PCI bus digitizer card with a sampling rate of 10 KS/s to 50 MS/s on two simultaneous channels. It provides independently programmable input ranges from ±20 mV to ±20 V, AC/DC coupling, and 50 W/1 MW impedance on each channel.
AlazarTech, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Air-bearing system

The Monorail single-axis linear air-bearing system uses a noncontact design for low-velocity ripple without lubricants and an open-carriage design to give OEMs flexibility in component mounting. It has horizontal, vertical, and angular stiffness up to 1 million lb/in. A digital version has 1-µm resolution and an analog version with an external multiplier has 20-nm resolution.
Axsys Technologies, Rochester Hills, MI

Light-source shaping

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Holographic light-shaping diffusers are holographically recorded, randomized surface-relief structures that provide homogenized light with transmission efficiency up to 92% and controlled angular distribution. The nonperiodic structures are wavelength independent and eliminate moiré without chromatic aberration. They are available as both standard and custom OEM products.
BFi Optilas, Evry, France

Thermal-imaging system

The Emerald camera range of thermal-imaging systems uses InSb, HgCdTe, and quantum-well focal-plane technologies with 640 × 512 pixels. It operates in the 3 to 5-µm and 8 to 12-µm regions, with thermal sensitivity as low as 25 mK and frame-rate output up to 100-Hz full frame.
CEDIP Infrared Systems, Croissy-Beaubourg, France

Gas analyzer

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The IRGAS-100T transportable FTIR gas analyzer measures moisture and impurity in corrosive and toxic gases with a sensitivity of parts per billion and a response time of seconds. It has an eight-point suspension subsystem to minimize the impact of shock and vibration for movement from station to station within an industrial plant or shipping between plants.
CIC Photonics, Albuquerque, NM

Digital CCD camera

The PixelFlyQE digital CCD camera has resolution of 1390 × 1024, for scientific and medical-inspection and machine-vision applications. The 12-bit camera comes in five sensor types: VGA, SVGA, HiRes, UV, and QE. Exposure time is 1/100,000 to 10 s. The camera measures 2.5 × 1.5 in.
Cooke, Auburn Hills, MI

Faraday isolator

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The 5AFI36-800B broadband Faraday optical isolator is designed for use with femtosecond Ti:sapphire lasers. It has a magneto-optical rod cut from MOS-10 glass, polished to a flatness of λ/10, with parallelism better than 10 arcs. An antireflection coating provides residual reflection < 0.2 % on each side in the 765- to 835-nm range.
Del Mar Ventures, San Diego, CA

Notch filters

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Rugate notch filters have a deep, narrow rejection band with high, flat transmission over the rest of the spectrum. They are available for 488, 532, 632.8, and 1064 nm. With a 0° angle of incidence, they have average transmission of 90%, reflectivity of < 0.5%, and FWHM of 5%. They are mounted in a 1-in. diameter, 2.5 mm thick aluminum ring with a clear aperture of 21.6 mm.
Edmund Industrial Optics, Barrington, NJ

Portable laser tracker

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The Laser Tracker S1.2 is a portable coordinate measurement machine with a 230-ft range and .001-in. accuracy. It includes a smart warm-up feature, a fully automated five-minute compensation routing, and active thermal compensation. An absolute distance measurement feature allows it to reacquire an interrupted beam without returning to the reference point.
FARO Technologies, Lake Mary, FL

Light-guide cleaner

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The C9157 portable light-guide cleaner can be used to polish the end surfaces of quartz light guides on the production line. The hand-held device weighs 1.8 kg and uses a 100 to 240 V AC power connection. It is designed for any quartz-light guide with an outer diameter of 4 to 15 mm.
Hamamatsu, Bridgewater, NJ

Thermal adhesive

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A silver-filled, high-thermal-conductivity die attach adhesive, Hysol QMI 519HT02 is designed for use on die with high power densities. It is hydrophobic and will not degrade at the 260°C peak solder reflow temperature. It cures in 10 s at 150°C, and is JEDEC Level 1 capable.
Henkel Loctite, San Diego, CA

Microscope camera

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The QuantiFire monochrome microscope camera has a cooled, 4-megapixel sensor with a sensor area diagonal up to 21.4 mm. It uses active and passive sensor cooling, and the large surface allows users to record the full field of view seen through the microscope. It includes a FireWire interface and image processing software.
Jenoptic Laser, Optik, Systeme, Jena, Germany

UV beam delivery

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The Microtech modular, tabletop UV beam delivery and microscope camera system is designed for research in materials processing. The flexible platform is designed to mount on a standard optical breadboard. It includes an on-target process camera with parfocal zoom to 180 × and an off-line inspection camera with zoom to 1000 x and 1-µm resolution.
JPSA Laser, Hollis, NH

DFB fiber lasers

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The PULSIK range of DFB fiber laser systems offer wavelength selection from 1530 to 1565 with linewidth down to 1 kHz. The modules are designed for applications in LIDAR, spectroscopy, and acoustic sensing. They are intended to be subsystems for industrial markets and benchtop systems for the scientific community.
Koheras, Birkerod, Denmark

VCSEL driver

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The LTC5100 is an integrated 3.2-Gbit/s VCSEL diode driver for short- and medium-reach optical communications. It has on-chip A/D and D/A converters for continuous closed-loop monitoring and control of laser parameters. It has 60-ps rise and fall times and 10-ps deterministic jitter. An on-chip digital controller allows standalone operation.
Linear Technology, Milpitas, CA

Single-photon detector

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The id 200-MMF is a single-photon detector module with multimode fiber input for coupling light onto an avalanche photodiode. Working in gated mode, the detector counts single photons between 1100 and 1600 nm with a quantum efficiency >10% at 1310 and 1550 nm. It has jitter smaller than 800 ps.
id Quantique, Geneva, Switzerland

CMOS sensors

CMOS sensors are designed for digital still cameras, video cameras, and DSC/camcorders. The MT9D001 2-megapixel sensor is a UXGA-format, half-inch sensor with 4.2-µm pixels in a Bayer RGB pattern. The MT9T001 3-megapixel sensor has 3.2-µm pixels in a 1/2-inch optical format, with a video-binning mode to produce XGA or VGA video at 30 frames/s.
Micron Technology, Boise, ID

DFB laser diode

A direct-modulated, 10-Gbit/s DFB laser diode is designed to transmit at up to 120°C without a cooling element. It has an AlGaInAs active layer, and is designed for optical communications applications such as metro area networks.
Mitsubishi Electric, Tokyo, Japan

Wafer measurement system

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The MicroLine 400 critical-dimension measurement system has Windows 2000 capability. It automatically measures linewidth, overlay, and other critical features on wafers and photomasks. It handles features from 0.5 to 400 µm in size with repeatability of 4 nm or better with a 100× objective lens. It includes a motorized x-y stage and vibration isolation table.
Micro-Metric, San Jose, CA

Ion-beam source

The Diamonex CD ion-beam source is designed for commercial manufacturing applications including substrate cleaning, etching, and direct ion-beam deposition of advanced thin films. It can produce diamond-like carbon films with hardness up to 40 GPa, as well as other optical materials such as silicon dioxide, titanium oxide, and silicon nitride.
Morgan Advanced Ceramics, New Bedford, MA

Flexible light guides

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A range of fiberoptic light guides and peripherals is available. The guides are protected with flexible steel sheating and operate over a temperature range of -40°C to 180°C for glass and quartz devices and -40°C to 80°C for plastic light guides. Custom designs are also available.
Moritex Europe, Cambridge, England

PMD module

A module to measure polarization-mode dispersion is available for the CMA 5000 multilayer test platform. The module provides a selection of sources, including one that allows 40 dB of dynamic range and another that gives 65 dB. It sweeps over up to 80 ps of delay, allowing the characterization of at least 40 ps of PMD.
NetTest, Utica, NY

Electro-optic amplitude modulators

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Aimed at operation in the 500- to 900-nm range, the Model 4101 broadband electro-optic amplitude modulator operates over a frequency range from DC to 200 MHz. The Model 4102 resonant modulator can operate over a narrow frequency from 10 kHz to 250 MHz, and is slightly tunable over a 2% to 4% frequency range.
New Focus, San Jose, CA

TEC diode modules

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Thermoelectrically cooled laser-diode modules produce elliptical output beams and powers of 8 mW at 375 nm, 40 mW at 980 nm, and 110 mW at 808 nm. They have wavelength and power stability better than 1%. The modules come in a 9- or 5.6-mm and can be built to customer specifications.
Photonic Products, Bishops Stortford, Hertfordshire, England

Beam profilers

NanoScan beam profilers can measure laser beams with diameters of more than 20 mm. It comes with silicon detectors for 190- to 800-nm, germanium for 700 to 1700 nm, and pyroelectric detectors for 190 nm to 20 µm. They provide 12-bit signal digitization and submicron accuracy for position and beam size.
Photon, San Jose, CA

Hand-held spectrometer

The Foxy-Lite is a hand-held integrated spectrometer and 470-nm light source that provides one-step oxygen analysis. The device uses time-resolved fluorometry to calculate a sample's oxygen content and can be used for applications such as packaging and fuel-tank headspace analysis, dissolved O2 monitoring, and O2 detection in blood and tissue.
Ocean Optics, Dunedin, FL


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The TOPAS White is a noncollinear optical parametric amplifier that uses 100-fs pulses to generate 10- to 30-fs output. In the visible range energy output is typically > 40 µJ. Tuning range is from 480 to 1600 nm, and 250 to 450 nm with second-harmonic generation. It is pumped from an amplified Ti:sapphire laser.
Photonic Solutions, Endiburgh, Scotland

ASE sources

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The Scorpion 1-µm amplified-spontaneous-emission (ASE) source covers a wavelength range from 995 to 1060 nm. This source is also available with Gaussian spectral shape. The C- and L-band Scorpion ASE source covers 85 nm of spectral bandwidth at the 10-dB point. Both sources have an output power of 13 dBm.
NP Photonics, Tucson, AZ

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