Cleo '99 New Products Review

April 1, 1999
The Ultra-Spherotronic Automatic Spherometer provides radius measurements from a fast, reliable PC-controlled instrument. The unit integrates a special linear encoder allowing absolute measurement error under contact temperature of 0.05 µm. The instrument offers radius-measurement accuracy of 0.005% and repeatability of 0.001%. All measurements are traceable to NIST. MILDEX, Rochester, NY For FREE Data Circle 300


The Ultra-Spherotronic Automatic Spherometer provides radius measurements from a fast, reliable PC-controlled instrument. The unit integrates a special linear encoder allowing absolute measurement error under contact temperature of 0.05 µm. The instrument offers radius-measurement accuracy of 0.005% and repeatability of 0.001%. All measurements are traceable to NIST. MILDEX, Rochester, NY For FREE Data Circle 300

IR laser

Diode-pumped IR lasers offer up to 1 W of output at 1064 nm or up to 600 mW at 1053 nm. The lasers are designed for industrial, scientific, and OEM applications. A single-longitudinal-mode option is available. Laser output stability is within 1% over 24 hours. The laser head measures 3 x 3 x 12 cm, and the power supply measures 5 x 13 x 15 cm. CrystaLaser, Reno, NV For FREE Data Circle 301

Streak camera

The Imacon FS300 Femtosecond Streak Camera System offers time resolution of 300 to 400 fs in single-shot mode and 500 to 600-fs resolution in syncroscan mode. An integrated fiberoptic-coupled CCD readout offers 1280 x 1024-pixel resolution. DRS Hadland, Cupertino, CA For FREE Data Circle 302

Excimer laser

The LPF excimer laser emits at 157 nm, or 8 eV. The laser is optimized for scientific and industrial research applications. With pulse energies up to 25 mJ and repetition rates up to 300 Hz, the laser can be used for deep-UV lithography; micromachining of fused silica, Teflon, or glass; optics testing; and medical applications. Lambda Physik, Ft. Lauderdale, FL For FREE Data Circle 303

Editor`s Note: CLEO/QELS `99 (Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics and the Quantum Electronics and Laser Science conference) will be held May 23-28 in Baltimore, MD. This preview of products being introduced at the technical exhibition contains approximately half of the information received by press time from exhibiting companies. The balance will run in our May issue.

CCD cameras

Research-grade SpectruMM CCDs are fully integrated into systems ready for use in spectrographs. Both front-illuminated UV-optimized and back-illuminated CCDs are available in 1024 x 256- and 1024 x 128-pixel formats. The systems provide up to 85 spectra/s with 16-bit dynamic range. The CCD, spectrograph and accessory control, and data-acquisition and display modes are integrated in one software package. Acton Research Corp., Acton, MA For FREE Data Circle 304

Avalanche photodiode

The 5 x 0 Windowless Series of large- area avalanche photodiodes have active areas of 5, 10, or 16 mm in diameter and an operating gain of 200. The hermetically sealed detectors are offered in three versions, optimized for detection in the UV, blue, or red, and IR. Responsivities range as high as 100 A/W (for the long-wavelength version). Advanced Photonix, Camarillo, CA For FREE Data Circle 305

Motion controller

The UNIDEX 511 motion controller is a four-axis stand-alone system that features integral motor drivers for brushless, brush, or stepper motors. The controller can be programmed with G-codes or a command set that resembles BASIC. The menu-driven interface simplifies programming for basic applications, while the diagnostic utilities aid more advanced users. The CE-compliant equipment is available in a desktop or 19-in. rack-mount package. Aerotech, Pittsburgh, PA For FREE Data Circle 306

Laser-diode driver

The Model 7701 OEM laser-diode driver is designed to power high-current laser diodes and arrays for applications, including illumination and diode-pumping of solid-state lasers. The driver can provide output current to 300 A pulsed or 50 A CW into diode loads up to 250 V using high-power FET technology. A DB-25 interface connector provides for external control of functions, such as enable and pulse input, current control, selection of pulsed or CW mode, and others. Analog Modules, Longwood, FL For FREE Data Circle 307


A modulator system is designed for use in direct-to-plate printing. The modulator can be used with unpolarized beams up to 400 µm in diameter, with rise times of 5 ns. Applied Electro-Optics Corp., Pittsburgh, PA For FREE Data Circle 308

UV optics

Excimer-grade calcium fluoride windows and lenses can now be mounted in hardware suitable for ultrahigh-vacuum applications. A proprietary silver chloride seal does not outgas and allows bake-out to temperatures as high as 350?C. The calcium fluoride is damage-resistant to high-power excimer lasers as well as gamma radiation. Flange sizes from 1.33 to 10 in. in diameter are available. Bicron, Solon, OH For FREE Data Circle 309

Doppler sensor

A novel coherent Doppler frequency sensor is spatially adaptive and simple. The sensor can differentiate red from blue shifts without requiring frequency heterodyning, fringe-counting, or bulky interferometers. The sensors generate currents linearly proportional to the frequency differences between two interfering laser beams. The semiconductor sensors can be tailored to cover the spectrum from visible to mid-IR and offer varying response speeds and detection bandwidths.Brimrose Corp. of America, Baltimore, MD For FREE Data Circle 310

Power meter

A versatile in-line power meter has an adjustable sensor that samples a small percentage of the output beam and allows the remainder to exit the meter. The battery-operated design provides maneuverability, while the back-lit analog display allows easy reading. The meter has four ranges, with cover powers from 0 to 30 W. Cambridge Lasers Laboratories, Fremont, CA For FREE Data Circle 311

Vanadate laser crystals

Yttrium vanadate host laser crystals are available with high optical quality and large sizes. Crystal dopants include ytterbium, thulium, erbium, and neodymium. Vanadate crystals have similar lasing spectra as YAG hosts but are less dependent on the wavelength and temperature control of the pumping diode laser, as well as offering a higher slope efficiency, lower lasing threshold, and linearly polarized emission. CASIX, Fuzhou, Fujian, China For FREE Data Circle 312

Broadband mirrors

The Ultimate Low Loss Broadband Mirrors are produced by ion-beam sputtering onto superpolished substrates, resulting in stable and durable mirrors. Applications include use in laser cavities and in broadband imaging. Performance is maintained from normal incidence to 45?. The p-reflectance at 45? is specified to be more than 99%. Coherent Auburn Group, Auburn, CA For FREE Data Circle 313

Ultrafast mirrors

The TNM2 Series Negative Group Delay Dispersion Mirrors correct wavelength dispersion in ultrafast-pulse Ti:sapphire and other lasers. The mirrors can be used for peak correction of -100 fs2/bounce and are available with center wavelengths ranging from 450 nm to 2 µm. Mirror diameters of 12.7 and 25.4 mm are available. CVI Laser Corp., Albuquerque, NM For FREE Data Circle 314

Carbon dioxide laser

The LC-25 is a sealed RF-excited carbon dioxide laser that offers 25-W output at 10.6 µm designed for OEM applications. The laser head measures 14.1 x 3.12 x 3.42 in. The laser can be purchased with liquid-cooling or air-cooling options. The device is driven by a 30-Vdc RF power supply connected to the laser by a triple-shielded RF cable.DeMaria ElectroOptics Systems, Bloomfield, CT For FREE Data Circle 315

Avalanche photodiodes

The APD50 Series of avalanche photodiode detector modules consists of a low-noise high-gain APD, a low-noise FET input preamplifier, and a temperature-compensated high-voltage power supply. The detector is available in sizes ranging from 0.23 to 2.5 mm in diameter. Electron Tubes, Rockaway, NJ For FREE Data Circle 316


The Series 1145 Pockels cell Q-switches are designed for compact and miniature lasers. The device comes with standard high-damage-threshold sol-gel AR coatings. The Pockels cell is useful for modelocked pulse extraction and seeding in regenerative laser amplifiers as well as for pulse slicing, chopping, and picking. Transmission is 98% from 350 to 1064 nm.FastPulse Technology, Saddle Brook, NJ For FREE Data Circle 317

Power meter

The DVO universal dual-channel power and energy meter offers full ratiometric and statistical capabilities. The instrument connects to other equipment via an RS-232 interface and works with a Windows CE environment. The device also has a large LCD screen on which to display bar graphs and histograms.Gentec, Ste.-Foy, QC, Canada For FREE Data Circle 318

Data-link transceivers

The S7141 photo IC and L7140 red LED together provide detector and source for optical data links operating at 650 nm. The LED operates at 650 nm with a spectral half-width of 20 nm and can transmit at speeds up to 50 Mbit/s. The photodetector`s maximum receiving level is 5 dBm and minimum receiving level is -17.5 dBm. Both operate on 0.5 to 7 Vdc within a temperature range from 0?C to 60?C. Hamamatsu Corp., Bridgewater, NJ For FREE Data Circle 319

Sol-gel materials

The Gelsil ceramic line of sol-gel-based products comes in the form of silica powders and porous and densified silica glass. Applications include molded- glass aspheric diffractive optics, liquid- crystal flat-panel displays, and carbon monoxide and other sensors. Heraeus Amersil, Duluth, GA For FREE Data Circle 320

Green-emitting laser

A green-emitting laser module in a single housing measures 60 mm long by 15 mm in diameter. The power output is 5 mW with an input voltage of 3 to 5 Vdc. The output is in TEM00 mode with beam diameter of less than 1 mm and divergence of less than 1 mrad. The laser comes with a removable beam-shaping optics holder. An optional rectangular shape heatsink, mount, and beam shutter measures 2.5 in. long with a 1 x 1 in. cross section. Intelite, Playa Del Rey, CA For FREE Data Circle 321


A range of miniature acousto-optic Q-switches are designed for use with diode-pumped solid-state lasers. The devices offer cooling via either conduction or water in compact housings, high-gain hold-off, and a high optical damage threshold. A variety of options are available as is custom design and manufacturing. Gooch & Housego plc, Ilminster, Somerset, England For FREE Data Circle 322

Environmental coating

The ENVISTAB coating for optical elements allows them to resist aging effects or wavelength shifts that can occur from exposure to temperature changes or moisture. The coating can also be applied to materials with low-temperature coating requirements, including CR39, polycarbonate, polystyrene, and other plastic substrates. Lambda Research Optics, Cerritos, CA For FREE Data Circle 323

Pyroelectric detector

The SP-3 pyroelectric detector for OEM and custom energy-management applications is a 1-cm2 surface-absorbing pyroelectric detector mounted in an EMI-resistant housing. The detector can be used alone or with a preamplifier. Applications include pulsed laser stabilization, flashlamp monitoring, and industry safety compliance. The device measures 3.1 x 1 cm and can detect energies as low as 100 nJ and at pulse- repetition rates as high as 1 kHz. Laser Probe, Utica, NY For FREE Data Circle 324


The GI20 flatness measurement system is suitable for measuring ground, lapped, and semipolished surfaces as large as 127 mm square. The unit uses a fixed 2-µm fringe spacing and an optical path that projects laser light at a fixed incidence angle, which eases the difficulty of busy fringe images from interferometry on nonoptical surfaces. The instrument measures surfaces with roughness ranging from 1 to 300 nm. Logitech Product Group, Westlake, OH For FREE Data Circle 325


A recirculating chiller line, the Kodiak line, offers cooling capacities of 600, 1100, 2200, or 4500 W with a variety of electrical, pump, and controller options. The chillers are designed for consistent and reliable cooling for laser, analytical, laboratory, medical-imaging, machine- tool, high-speed-printing, and other industrial applications. The user interface includes a completely digital, easily programmed controller with a pressure-indicating bar readout, tank-site level indicator, fault-condition interface, and a circuit breaker. Lytron, Woburn, MA For FREE Data Circle 326

Multimode fibers

High-brightness multimode fiber modules are available for carrying various powers at 809, 830, or 980 nm. Two 1.6-W capacity models are available, one with a 50-µm-diameter core and a numerical aperture of 0.20, and a second with 100-µm-diameter core and NA of 0.12. Two 0.8-W versions are available with either a 20-µm core and 0.28 NA or a 50-µm core and 0.12 NA. The TF model includes a thermoelectric cooler and thermistor for temperature control. Mitsui Chemicals, Sodegaura, Chiba, Japan For FREE Data Circle 327

Laser position sensor

The OM4002 position sensor electronics and pyroelectric quadrant detectors are based on the company`s 4 CH peak reading voltmeter/ratiometer and PQ series quadrant sensors. Applications include laser characterization, beam stability, beam steering, beam-position measurements, or use in optical alignment systems for pulsed lasers at wavelengths from the deep-UV to the far-IR. Molectron Detector, Portland, OR For FREE Data Circle 328

Argon-ion laser

A cylindrical argon-ion laser was specifically designed to permit easy servicing and simple drop-in tube replacement. The Model C61 Cylindrical Laser has internal mirror, thermally stable tube design in a compact air-cooled package. A single-line version offers 20-mW output, while a multiline version offers 40-mW output. National Laser Company, Salt Lake City, UT For FREE Data Circle 329

Position-sensing amplifier

The OT-301 Versatile Position Sensing Amplifier is designed to provide an x-y position output and sum output from duolateral, tetralateral, single-axis, quadrant, and bi-cell position-sensing detectors. The device has six gain settings to accommodate input current ranges from 0.1 µA to 1.5 mA with a frequency response of 15 kHz. On-Trak Photonics, Lake Forest, CA For FREE Data Circle 330


The FiberBench Polarization Analyzer is a polarimeter that can be used with fiberoptic or free-space beam inputs. The easy-to-use system includes analysis software and is available for wavelengths from 488 to 1600 nm. Optics for Research, Caldwell, NJ For FREE Data Circle 331


The solid monolithic interferometer is designed for OEM applications. The unit is a double-pass Michelson design for broadband interferometry. The instrument is used with the company`s hollow retroreflector to separate and recombine the beams. Total exiting wavefront from the system can be adjusted to less than 1/10 wave at 633 nm, and tilt accuracy is to within 1 arc sec. PLX, Deer Park, NY For FREE Data Circle 332

Nd:YAG laser

The Compact Q Q-switched Nd:YAG laser from Spectron Laser Systems is a single-rod, single-lamp system capable of pulse energies as high as 1 J at 1064 nm. The laser is built from a machined solid block to combine reliability and robustness. The power supply and closed-cycle chiller-based cooling system are combined in a low-profile rack. Polytec PI, Auburn, MA For FREE Data Circle 333

Optical-design software

LinkSIM is a CAD package for simulation and analysis of the physical layer of optical communication systems in both telecom and datacom applications. A wide range of architectures can be modeled, including TDM, WDM, solitons, and parallel optical interconnects. Analysis results include signal waveforms, eye diagrams, and bit-error-rate curves. Rsoft, Ossining, NY For FREE Data Circle 334


LaserWave spectrometers are optimized to measure laser and LED wavelengths. The instruments calculate peak, centroid, and full width at half maximum. The PC-controlled devices also offer spectral plot overlay and zoom. Wavelengths from 200 to 1600 nm can be measured in the small devices. SensorPhysics, Oldsmar, FL For FREE Data Circle 335

IR camera

The near-infrared room-temperature camera offers programmable exposure control and external triggering. The 128 x 128 array offers a 1:1 aspect ratio and 12-bit RS-422 digital output. The camera works at a 60- or 50-Hz progressive scan rate and a 30- or 25-Hz RS170 or CCIR frame rate. Sensors Unlimited, Princeton, NJ For FREE Data Circle 336

Micromachining system

The IX-300 micromachining system includes an excimer laser that operates at an average power of 25 W and a pulse-repetition rate of 500 Hz. The system footprint measures 36 x 56 in. and includes a small excimer laser, gas system, granite-based x/y stage, a beam- delivery system, Windows NT control system, part vision and 2000X vision system, power, and interlock control. J. P. Sercel Associates, Hollis, NH For FREE Data Circle 337

Pockels cells

Sol-gel-coated Pockels cells increase their ability to be used with high-power lasers. Advantages of the coating include better thermal stability and higher damage thresholds. Spindler & Hoyer, Milford, MA For FREE Data Circle 338


A UV-curable family of adhesives allows bonding of many like and unlike substrates with a 1-h cure time. Each of the Lens Bond optical cements possesses a capability to bind glass, ceramics, plastics, and metals. The adhesives offer flexibility for bonding or sealing materials with dissimilar coefficients of expansion. Summers Optical, Fort Washington, PA For FREE Data Circle 339

Lens-alignment module

Cylindrical lens-stack-alignment module can be used for diode-laser bars and stacks with pitches as small as 0.8 mm. Collimating lenses are held in a compact alignment mechanism. The device also can be used to mount the company`s nearly diffraction-limited acylindrical lenses. The module can be used in the laboratory or in OEM applications, for aligning lenses on from 1 to 50 bars, and adding potting resin to the device. Team Technologies, Auburn, CA For FREE Data Circle 340

Cooling system

The Model 9446 water-to-ambient-air-cooling system is an efficient, drop-in assembled component for cooling laser, semiconductor manufacturing, plasma cutting, power supply, and electronic cabinet equipment. The system includes a heat exchanger with stainless-steel tubing, a positive displacement pump with motor, 316L stainless-steel reservoir with 3-l capacity, an inline particle filter and deionization cartridge, liquid-flow switch, and other features.Thermatron Engineering, Methuen, MA For FREE Data Circle 341

Safety eyewear

The Model 1118 and 1122 filters for laser-safety eyewear offer broadband protection in the visible, UV, near-IR, and IR wavelengths. The models offer users an optical density ranging from more than 5 at 190 to 540 nm, and 4 to more than 5 at 900 to 2400 nm. The filters are available in spectacle and goggle styles. Trinity Technologies, Minneapolis, MN For FREE Data Circle 342

Laser-safety filters

Tempered glass filters are designed for laser-safety applications. The filters offer high visible light transmittance, high color distinctiveness, and high chemical resistance. The Nd:YAG filters block the laser`s 1064-nm wavelength and come in optical densities of 3, 5, or 7. Yamamoto Kogaku Co. Ltd., Higashiosaka City, Osaka, Japan For FREE Data Circle 343

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