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Sept. 1, 1999
Laser Focus World is now offering faster and easier access to information on products described in our New Products sections. Just go to our Web site: www.optoelectronics-world.com and click on OptoLink. Enter your choice of circle numbers, and your request for information will automatically be forwarded to the appropriate manufacturer or vendor. Of course, you can still circle the numbers on the Reader Inquiry Card and mail or fax as usual.

Laser Focus World is now offering faster and easier access to information on products described in our New Products sections. Just go to our Web site: www.optoelectronics-world.com and click on OptoLink. Enter your choice of circle numbers, and your request for information will automatically be forwarded to the appropriate manufacturer or vendor. Of course, you can still circle the numbers on the Reader Inquiry Card and mail or fax as usual.

Power meters

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The Vector Series H410 and H410D hand-held meters cover laser power and energy measurements from microjoules and microwatts to 30 W and 30 J. The meters accommodate the new photodiode low-power detectors and Scientech's line of calorimeters and pyroelectric detectors. The meters can be used as field-service units or as laboratory standards with NIST-traceable certification.
Scientech, Boulder, CO

High-temperature diodes

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Aluminum-free laser-diode bars run at temperatures upward of 60°C while maintaining high electrical-to-optical efficiency for diode-pumped, solid-state avionic platform lasers and medical and industrial applications. Tested at 50-W quasi-CW mode at 808 nm to 75°C, the InGaAsP diodes have <9% degradation after 109 400-µs pulses at 55-W peak power. A 30% fill-factor bar at 60-W peak power shows spectral width as low as 2.2 nm FWHM and fast-axis beam divergence at <36° FWHM.
Coherent Semiconductor Group, Santa Clara, CA

Polarization controller

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PolaRITE polarization controllers come with two scales to allow users to remember previous settings. The all-fiber Babinet-Soleil compensators can generate any polarization state from an arbitrary input state. They have a 0-dB insertion loss, with 0.5 dB typical for 9/125-µm fiber connectors. Pigtailed and connectorized versions operate at 480, 633, 780, 820, 980, 1060, and 1290 to 1600 nm, while an inline version operates from 480 to 1600 nm.
General Photonics Corp., Chino, CA

Argon-ion lasers

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The 177 Series of high-power, air-cooled argon-ion lasers have output powers up to 500 mW, with single-line operation at 458, 488, or 514 nm, multiline blue-green output, and true TEM 00 output. Field-replaceable plasma tubes have lifetimes exceeding 5000 h. Single-mode, polarization-preserving fiber coupling is available with >70% throughput efficiency and <1 µrad/°°C beam-pointing stability.
Spectra-Physics, Mountain View, CA

Ion and photon counter

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With a 2-GHz maximum counting rate, the P7886 ion- and photon-counting system resolves to 500 ps over a 68-s time range. It contains a 4k FIFO memory (optionally 16k) and has full multistop capability. Its PCI interface transfers up to 33 million stop events/s to a personal computer.
FAST ComTec GmbH, Oberhaching, Germany

OPS laser technology

The optically pumped semiconductor (OPS) laser technology can produce more than 500 mW of 980-nm output from a single-mode fiber. This power level is critical for pumping erbium-doped fiber amplifiers. The OPS structure offers a path to multiwatt single-mode output at 980 nm for future ultrawide-bandwidth dense wavelength-division-multiplexed systems.
Coherent Laser Group, Santa Clara, CA

UV laser-light monitor

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The Model Uview array sensor measures pulsed or CW laser sources in the 180-390-nm spectral range. The instrument has a spatial uniformity of ±3%, a resolution of 60 µm, and an entrance aperture of 18 x 22 mm. Designed for use with the BeamPro laser-beam profiler, the Uview contains a manual iris for intensity adjustment.
Photon, Santa Clara, CA

Laser marker

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The Allprint Smart System can mark coated metals, plastics, papers, and paperboard. Products can be stationary or moving. Maximum marking speed is 45,000 products/h. Maximum line speed is 200 m/min. Character size is adjustable from 0.5 to 200 mm.
Alltec GmbH, Lòbeck, Germany

Light sources

The DFB-LD light sources for L-band amplifier testing feature 100-GHz spacing from 1570 to 1610 nm. Systems provide 0.8-nm spacing over 40 nm and offer stability of ±0.05 dB.
Anritsu, Richardson, TX

Holographic beam sampling

The 355/266 HBS holographic-beam-sampling element consists of an etched sinusoidal grating with a damage threshold of bare fused silica, ~13-20 J/cm2 for a 10-ns pulse at 355 nm. First-order diffracted pair is calibrated at 1% at 355 nm. A broadband antireflection coating allows use of beams from 250 to 370 nm.
Gentec, Ste-Foy, Que., Canada

Optical multimeter

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The portable optical multimeter simultaneously measures optical power and wavelength. The measurement range for the power and loss measurement is -80 to 27 dBm, with a 0.001-dB resolution for relative measurements. Wavelength accuracy is 0.05 nm with maximum resolution of 0.001 nm for the DWDM region of 1530-1580 nm.
RIFOCS Corp., Camarillo, CA

Ceramic processing system

The CO2 laser processing system for machining ceramics is available with single-, dual- or quad-head beam delivery. Features include linear-motor-based motion tables and advanced bellows that keep the motion tables free from ceramic dust. The system has no flowing gas or lead screws, which simplifies maintenance.
Directed Light, San Jose, CA


A line of two-component, UV-curing, and structural cements and adhesives deal with high mechanical shock and cement resistance and differences in thermal expansion and are appropriate for broad-band transmission, laser, fiberoptic, and filter applications. They can bond a wide variety of substrate materials.
Summers Optical, Fort Washington, PA

Lamp bulbs

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The VIP 395 bulb delivers 518 W of UV energy in a narrow band between 390 and 400 nm. The VIP 397/418 bulb has three strong peaks between 395 and 420 nm.
Fusion UV Systems, Gaithersburg, MD

Holography camera

Based on pulsed Nd:YLF oscillators and phosphate glass amplifiers, the GPxJ series of holography cameras automates the production of reflection holograms on film or plates up to 60 x 40 cm in size. The cameras are intended for use in medical imaging as well as for holographic portraiture, advertising, and museum use.
General Optics Laboratory, Vilnius, Lithuania

UHV windows

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Re-Entrant UHV windows allow the use of optical pyrometry, ellipsometry, light-scattering, and reflectance-difference spectroscopy to obtain data during molecular-beam-epitaxy operations. The windows extend inside the vacuum chamber, with a flange of 4.5 in., a tube of 2.25-in. outside diameter, and a depth of 4.5 in.
Bomco, Gloucester, MA


The SpectRad series of spectroradiometers allows radiance or irradiance measurement over a spectral range of 200 nm to 20 µm. The SpectRad for Windows software included with the instruments provides for control of scanning and acquisition as well as for extensive data analysis.
Glen Spectra Ltd., Middlesex, England

Laser diodes

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FU-641 integrated EAM DFB laser diodes meet the 10-Gbit/s transmission speed for metropolitan-area Internet and cable broadcast signal-distribution applications. Devices have a built-in optical isolator and thermoelectric cooler and feature a 50-W input impedance.
Mitsubishi Electronics America, Sunnyvale, CA

Laser-diode mount

The LDC-4616 laser-diode mount has a rack-mountable tray on slide rollers. Its 16 ZIF sockets, user-configurable pin headers, and interchangeable fiberoptic connectors on the front panel ensure compatibility with most butterfly-packaged lasers.
ILX Lightwave Corp., Bozeman, MT

Fluorine excimer laser

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The air-cooled ExciStar S fluorine excimer laser delivers pulse energies of 1 mJ up to 400 Hz in continuous operation at 157 nm. Options include a clean-room version of the laser and custom-designed fully purgeable beam-guiding systems.
TuiLaser, Munich, Germany

Pump chamber filter

Cavity-flowtube-performance tests for the RF-1 Reactive Samarium pump chamber filter reportedly show increases of up to 50% for pulsed Nd:YAG output energy when compared to quartz or Pyrex flowtubes.
Kigre, Hilton Head, SC

CCD image sensor

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The KAF-0261E has 512 x 512 resolution, 20 x 20-µm pixels, full-frame architecture, 100% fill factor, accumulation-mode operation, and a no-column-defects specification. Its quantum efficiency is 30% at 400, 50% at 550, and 60% at 650 nm.
Eastman Kodak, Rochester, NY

Red laser source

The PAL-PIV dual-oscillator alexandrite-laser source for particle-image-velocimetry applications offers 500 mJ/pulse at repetition rates from 0 to 100 Hz at 755 nm. The two oscillators allow a continuous range of time delays from nanoseconds to milliseconds.
Light Age, Somerset, NJ


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The ThetaScan T40 dual-axis digital autocollimator resolves to 0.1 arc sec over a range of ±1°. Its optical head weighs 3.78 oz and measures 2.50 x 1.23 x 1.23 in. Both shock-resistant and vacuum compatible, the device has a bandwidth of up to 1000 Hz. It can be purchased either alone or with the Theta Scan E2 digital controller.
Micro-Radian Instruments, San Marcos, CA

ATM transceiver

The OC-12 single-mode asynchronous-transfer-mode transceiver can sustain data rates of 622 Mbit/s. The combination transmitter, receiver, and SC receptacle provides logic-to-light serial data transmission over single-mode fiber using 1300-nm sources and detectors and can operate at distances to 15 km.
Siemens Microelectronics, Cupertino, CA

Remote fiber laser pump

Used as a high-power pump source for remote optically pumped amplifiers and fiber distributed Raman gain, the RRP-1 pump can extend the transmission span of unrepeatered long-span transmission systems by 100 km. Total launch power of up to 1 W can be provided at wavelengths from 1450 to 1480 nm.
MPB Technologies, Alexandria, VA

Machine-vision board

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The PC-RGB frame grabber transfers color or monochrome video data to host computers at up to 120 Mbit/s. The 32-bit PCI interface can be configured as a DMA bus master or slave. The board has 4 Mbit of high-speed memory.
Imaging Technology, Bedford, MA

Collimating system

A collimating system for infrared emitters combines an existing design of the emitter with a parabolic reflector and micromirror placed in the focus of the reflector. Radii of curvature are 200 µm to 4 mm, with collimation of 95% of emitted radiation into parallel beams. The material can be quartz or sapphire, decreasing thermal loss, or silicon.
Macintosh Nano-Optics Ltd., Norfolk, England

Fiberoptic spectrometer

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The S1024DW deep-well miniature fiberoptic spectrometer detects changes in light intensity of <1 x 10-5. Containing a compact optical bench coupled to a 1024-element photodiode array, the device is responsive from 200 to 1100 nm and has a signal-to-noise ratio of 2500:1. It can be multiplexed with up to eight spectrometer channels operating from one A/D converter.Ocean Optics, Dunedin, FL

Laser-diode driver

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The PCO-7110 MOSFET-based driver module provides pulse currents ranging from 4 to 120 A and pulsewidths from 4 to 65 ns at frequencies up to 50 kHz. Custom pulsewidth and output current configurations are available for OEM applications.
Directed Energy, Fort Collins, CO

Fabry-Perot etalons

A range of Fabry-Perot etalons can be supplied in matched pairs up to 150-mm diameter with matching accuracies to l/300 with ring or optically contacted spaces. Wedge angles are 5 arc min for smaller diameters, rising to 40 arc min for diameters greater than 70 mm. Available materials include UV-grade silica and germanium.
Optical Surfaces, Kenley, Surrey, England

Color camera

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The 1/2-in. 3CCD GP-US522 and 1/3-in. 3CCD GUS 532 remote-head color cameras incorporate 10-bit DSP circuitry and include gamma correction and six-axis color matrix control. The 1/2-in. version produces 800 lines of horizontal resolution and operates down to 5 lx, while the 1/3-in. version produces 750 lines with illumination down to 9 lx.
Panasonic Medical & Industrial Video Company, Anaheim, CA


The Panther optical parametric oscillator (OPO) features hermetically sealed crystal housings with desiccant that prevents moisture from degrading nonlinear crystals. The device can produce energies in excess of 100 mJ with a linewidth less than 2.5 cm-1 when pumped with an injection-seeded YAG laser.
Continuum, Santa Clara, CA

Modular optical switches

The SM8000 series of optical switches and attenuators combines DiCon Fiberoptic optical components with a high-density modular switch platform. This approach to optical switching and attenuators provides a complete switching system (from dc to light) based on an open-platform industry standard.
VXI Technology, Irvine, CA

Medical energy meter

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The LPM101 energy meter monitors the output of pulsed medical lasers at repetition rates of up to 20 Hz and reads at wavelengths of 1064, 755, 694, and 585 nm selected by a pushbutton interface. The meter can also measure composite pulses. Other wavelengths are available upon request.
Litron Optical, Rugby, Warwickshire England

Diode-pumped laser

The CW diode-pumped solid-state laser emits at 473 nm with a maximum optical output of 10 mW. Features include low-noise output (N<0.5% rms, 30-2 Hz), M2 <1.4, and good pointing stability.
BremLas Lasertechnik Bremen GmbH, Bremen, Germany

Laser linear encoder

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The B series Micro Path noncontact encoders holographically sense displacement to 10-nm resolution and 2-nm repeatability. Differential quadrature outputs to 20 MHz are offered. The read head is 1 x 0.7 x 0.65 in.; options include high-accuracy quartz scales.
Opti-Cal, Templeton, CA

Blue-emitting laser diode

Laser-diode modules operate in the blue/violet spectral region. Devices are available with output power up to 4 mW at 400 nm, and delivery optics can be designed to give a focused spot, line, or collimated beam.
Coherent Auburn Group, Auburn, CA

Flood light-curing system

The ELC-4001 solid-state flood light-curing system delivers more than 100 mW/cm2 of UV energy at a peak wavelength of 365 nm. The Visible light version is peaked at 450 nm and generates more than 500 mW/cm2.
Electro-Lite Corp., Danbury, CT

Compact photomultiplier

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A family of small, rugged photomultipliers is designed for photon counting and scintillation spectroscopy. The 9112B and 9113B have increased green and red response, while the 9114B has a hemispherical window. Configurations include flying-lead and UV glass versions.
Electron Tubes Ltd., Ruislip, England

Polarization divider/multiplexer

The fiberoptic polarization divider/multiplexer for 1550, 1480, 1310, 980 nm, and other wavelengths features a high extension ratio (>22 dB), low insertion loss (<0.7 dB), and return loss (>60 dB). The PM fibers available include Panda, Bowtie, Oval Clad, and others. Device footprint is 18 x 18 x 10 mm.
Micro-Optics, Hackettstown, NJ

Fixed fiberoptic attenuators

Build-out attenuators come in FC, FC/APC, SC, and SC/APC styles in standard attenuation values of 3, 5, 10, and 20 dB. They operate over a temperature range of -40°C to 75°C and provide loss return of -50 dB for UPC connectors and -60 dB for APC connectors.
Gould Electronics, Millersville, MD

Fast gating camera

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The HRI-GOI ultrahigh-repetition-rate ICCD camera contains a double-proximity image-intensifier tube and offers a gating time down to 80 ps at repetition rates up to 10 kHz or 300-ps gate widths at up to 110 MHz. It can also be used in RF modulation mode up to 1 GHz.
Kentech Instruments, Didcot, Oxfordshire, England

Beam deflector

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The powerSCAN 33 is a galvanometer-based 2-D beam-deflection system with a usable aperture of 33 mm. The system deflects and positions high-power laser beams and, due to the large aperture, is suited for applications with small spot sizes. All electronics are contained within the scan module.
SCANLAB AG, Puchheim, Germany

Apodized phase mask

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The APM series apodized phase masks have a spatially varying first-order diffraction efficiency that generates a special apodization profile to reduce the sidelobes in the Bragg response of the fiber grating. Different apodization profiles, batch processing, and high fabrication yield are available.
Lasiris, St-Laurent, Que., Canada

Position-sensing detector

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The OSM910 is an analog silicon photodiode housed in an eight-pin SO-style surface-mount package. Configured with an infrared LED, the device can detect the location of objects over distances from 5 mm to 3 m. The device is temperature-insensitive and has a responsivity of 0.43 A/W at 880 nm.
Optek Technology, Carrollton, TX

Green LED

The green 530-nm gallium nitride LED mates with standard 1000-µm core, jacketed plastic fiber cable. Features include an internal microlens for efficient coupling, a low-cost plastic connector housing, connectorless fiber termination and connection, and interference-free transmission from a light-tight housing.
Industrial Fiber Optics, Tempe, AZ

Spectrophotometer software

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The Win UV Version 2 software for Cary UV-Vis-NIR spectrophotometers includes a suite of new applications: enzyme kinetics, RNA/DNA estimation, scanning kinetics, advanced reads, fabric-protection measurement, and sunglass lens measurements. The Applications Development Language makes programs easy to write.
Varian, Palo Alto, CA

Blue-violet laser diode

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The temperature-controlled blue laser-diode module for OEM applications emits 400-nm light from a 5-mW laser diode. An integrated thermo-electric cooler keeps the laser operating at 20°C.
Power Technology, Little Rock, AR

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